Sheen Cousin Ancestors Tracing back to c.1633

Elizabeth Jones
b. 1763 - d. 1840
Dantsey Sheen
b. c. 1765 - d. 1820

The Wern Farm, Radnorshire, Wales

18th Century Map

Dantsey Sheen was the son of
Dansey Sheen (b.c. 1741, d.1810) and Elizabeth Green (b.c. 1746, d. 1783).
The Greens, or Green-Prices - an old Radnor family, including an MP for Radnor.
Dansey Sheen was the son of
John Sheen (b.c.1710, d.c.1763) and Elizabeth Tristram (b.c.1716, d.1799) - daughter of the local vicar.
John Sheen was the son of
Thomas Sheen (b.c.1685, d.1718) and Maria Dauntsey (b.c.1690)
Thomas Sheen was the son of
William Sheen (b.c.1660, d.1733) and Jane ? (d.c.1725)
William Sheen was the son of
Richard Sheen (b.c.1633, d.c.1702) and Ann Jones (b.c.1635, d.c.1693)
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