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The Alphabetical Smyth(e) Directory (First Names A - I)
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The word 'Letters' - or the * symbol - references a collection of Stewart (Shearman/Hall researched) family letters which mention (inter alia) members of the Smyth(e) family. Trent University Archives, Ontario, Canada - Hall, Elizabeth Shearman 02-001. TITLE Jean Shearman and Elizabeth Shearman Hall collection. [2000]. 42cm of textual records. See link below.

Each entry has a reference string (where possible) consisting of initials of person/initials of father/initials of mother by maiden name. Using the Edit/Find facility in your Browser menu makes it possible to locate marriages and/or siblings.

Open in new window ... recommended ... Some Smyth clergy ... references courtesy of Barry ReidSome Smyth Clergy details to supplement details in this index. Here it will be found that the Archbishop of Dublin, Arthur Smyth, was married. Burke suggests not. He was.
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Reference aes/ts/mag
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Col. 15th Regt.
Albert Edward Smyth
4th son of Thomas Smyth and Mary A. Gibbons
Florence Grantham d.o. Col. Grantham

Reference ans/wns/cih
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Sickling Hall Grange, Wetherby, Yorks.
Arthur Nugent Smyth
son of William N. Smyth and Catherine I. Hardy
(1) Ethel Mary Hague Cook d.o. Thomas Hague Cook of Hall Croft, Nitfield, Yorks (dsp 1892)
(2) Evelyn Duesberry yr d. of Col. W. Williamson of -ottingham, E. Yorks
by 2nd wife
Eileen Smyth
Enid Evelyn Smyth

Reference as/ts/db
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Archbishop of Dublin
Arthur Smyth, Most Rev.
2nd son of Thomas Smyth and Dorothea Burgh
unm. (see note above)


Reference cs/ts/db
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Charles Smyth
son of Thomas Smyth and Dorothea Burgh
Elizabeth Prendergast, widow of Sir John Dickson Haman Bt. and d.o.Sir Thomas Prendergast 1st Bt. of Gort, Co. Galway
Thomas Smyth
John Prendergast-Smyth
Charles Lennox Smyth
Dorothea Smyth
Juliana Smyth (Vereker)
Elizabeth Smyth (Newton)

Reference es/js/fd
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Bishop of Down
Edward Smyth, Rt. Rev.
son of James Smyth and Frances Dowdall
Elizabeth Smyth d.o. Rt. Rev. William Smyth
1720 Elizabeth Smyth (Courtown)

Reference es/js/cv
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
High Sheriff Fermanagh 1747
Edward Smyth
2nd son of Rev. James Smyth and Catherine Vesey
Eleanor Ralphson d.o. John Ralphson
Anna Maria Smyth (Newcome)
Catherine Smyth (Stock)
Eleanor Smyth (Palmer)
James Smyth

Reference easgs/rs/hc
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Edward Adderley
St. George Smyth
2nd son of Ralph Smyth and Harriett Cameron


  Mai Cameron Smyth 1901

Reference esgs/wts/mdl
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Edward St. George Smyth
son of William T. Smyth and Marie de Ligučres d.o. J. de Ligučres & gd of Charles Dieudonne de Montenach, Patrician of Fribourg



Reference fs/ts/mh
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Capt. RN
One of those on whom was conferred an honorary title by Oxford University with F. Beaufort 2/7/1839 (Letters, P.733)
Francis Smyth
yr son of Thomas Smyth and Martha Hutchinson
Dorothea Ireland 3rd d.o. William Ireland of Low Park Co. Roscommon and Dorothea Gardiner, only child of Samuel Arnold Gardiner of Robertstown House, Co. Kildare.
Horatio Francis Smyth
Col. RA b.1840 d.unm.
Robert Smyth
b. 1845 d.1897 unm.
Samuel Gardiner Smyth
Col. RA b.1844 d. unm.
Florence Smyth d.1890 unm.
Anna Frances Smyth

Reference fs/rs/el
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Entered army as Ensign, 95th Derbyshire Foot; retired as Major 66th Regt.
Frederick Smyth
3rd son of Ralph Smyth and Elizabeth Lyster
Ellen Johnson (d. 1901) d.o. Benjamin Johnson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Mary Wood, d.o. David Wood of Breton
Henry Gerald Smyth
Ellen Lyster Smyth (Bertram)
Mary Emma Moyle Smyth (Norman)
Helena Elphinstone Smyth (Hussey)

Reference gss/rs/asgb
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Lieutenant in the Guards of the King of Hanover.
George Sackville Smyth
4th son of Ralph Smyth
and Amelia St. George Browne
Maria Higginbottom
d.o. Newburg Higginbottom
Newburg Ralph Smyth
William Sackville Smyth
Amelia St. George Catherine Smyth
Eileen Eva Graham Smyth
Alice Harriett Smyth (Martin)
Katherine Smyth (Armstrong)

Reference gls/hgs/ems
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Godfrey Lyster Smyth
2nd son of Henry G. Smyth and Eleanor M. Shore
Lilian Rose Catford d.o. Edward Catford
Lucius Raymond Godfrey Lyster Smyth (1905)
Anthony Lawrence Lyster Smyth (1907)
John Gerald Lyster Smyth (1909)

Reference hs/ts/eh
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Hawkesworth Smyth
3rd son of Thomas Smyth and Eliz. Hatfield
Evelyn Sheppard


Reference hgs/fs/ej
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Henry Gerald Smyth
Only son of Frederick Smyth and Ellen Johnson
Eleanor Margaretta Shore e.d. of Rev. William Henry Shore of All Saints, Child's Hill Middlesex.
Gerald Bertram Smyth (1876-1899)
Godfrey Lyster Smyth
Barbara Eleanor Smyth (1882)

Reference hms/rs/el
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Of Barbavilla - JP for Co. Roscommon
Henry Matthew Smythe
2nd son of Ralph Smyth and Elizabeth Lyster
Maria Coote, (murdered 1882) d.o. Robert Carr Coote, Capt. 8th Royal Hussars, brother of Sir Charles Coote, 9th Bt.
William Edward Smythe
(? adopted) *
William Lyster Smythe
Margaret Althea Maria Smythe
Elizabeth Ada Mary Smythe (Dodgson)
Louisa Ellen Lyster Smythe b. 1862) d. unm.
Lydia Lucy Lyster Smythe (Guiness)
Frances Maud Lyster Smythe (Richards)

Reference hms/ws/cmo
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Of Newtown Co. Louth
Henry Meade Smythe
3rd son of William Smyth and Catherine Meade Ogle

For Smyth/Smythe variations please refer to main Smyth(e) pages.

His 1st cousin 1 rem.
Frances Barbara Cooke 2nd.d.o. Rev. Richard Cooke and Barbara (Smyth) e.d. of Ralph L. Smyth
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Richard Altamount Smythe
Henry William Ingoldsby Smythe
Ingoldsby Thomas William Somerset Smythe
William Frederick Fortescue Smythe
Somerset Albert Middleton Smythe
John Theophilus Meade Smythe (1849-1891) Unm.
Arthur Meade Smythe
Herbert Ralph Smythe
Katherine Frances Letitia Smythe (White)
Harriet Eleanor Ingoldsby Smythe (Bellingham)
Frances Isabella Anne Smythe (1. Byrne de Satur, 2. Ashton)
Lucy Emily Althea Maria Smythe (Ginoulhiac)

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