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The word 'Letters' - or the * symbol - references a collection of Stewart (Shearman/Hall researched) family letters which mention (inter alia) members of the Smyth(e) family. Trent University Archives, Ontario, Canada - Hall, Elizabeth Shearman 02-001. TITLE Jean Shearman and Elizabeth Shearman Hall collection. [2000]. 42cm of textual records. See link on page one of this Directory.

Each entry has a reference string (where possible) consisting of initials of person/initials of father/initials of mother by maiden name. Using the Edit/Find facility in your Browser menu makes it possible to locate marriages and/or siblings.

Reference rev1js/-/-
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
of Churchtown, Co. Waterford. Reverend
James Smyth

* References elsewhere to a WILLIAM Smyth and a Charlotte Stewart

* Charlotte Stewart yr d.o. Capt. Charles Stewart and Rose Hall. (later reference of "of" Rose Hall ... see William St. John Smyth)

Reference rev2js/-/-
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
J. Smyth
Anne Rothwell. d.o. John Rothwell and (unknown) Barry. She married 2ndly Thomas Radcliffe

Reference js/ts/ml
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
James Smyth
Son of Thomas Smyth and Margaret Lightfoot
Helen Sayers, d.o. Francis Sayers of Worsall, North Allerton
2 sons
one of whom
William Smyth

Reference js/ws/md
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
James Smyth
Son of William Smyth and Mary Dowdall
Frances Dowdall d.o. Edward Dowdall of Montown
Edward Smyth

Reference js/ws/mp
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
The Venerable - appointed Archdeacon of Meath 14/9/1732
James Smyth
Son of Rev. William Smyth and Mary Povey
Catherine Vesey d.o. the Most Rev. John Vesey DD Archbishop of Tuam and (married 1713) Anna Maria Waller
Ralph Smyth
Edward Smyth
James Smyth (Rev.)
William Smyth (issue)

Reference js/ws/cs
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
James Smyth
Son of William Smyth and Charlotte Stewart
  Joanna Ryan   William St. John Smyth

Reference js/js/cv
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Letter to A.M.S. Waller 27/6/1781- staying at Malvern and Cheltenham - rec'd treatment by electric shock for rheumatism. Letters p.39
Reverend (of Bath, Somerset)
James H. Smyth
3rd Son of Ven. James Smyth and Catherine Vesey
Hannah Reynell d.o. Arthur Reynell of Co. Kildare

Wm. W'r (Waller) to visit her in Bath 20/6/1796 Letters p.76


Reference jgs/ts/mag
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Major General; Lieutenant Colonel 39th Reg't.
James Gibbons Smyth
Son of Thomas Smyth and Mary A. Gibbons
Ellinor Powell d.o. Colonel Powell of Banlahan Co. Cork
  Eleanor Mary Smyth

Reference js/ws/ah
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
John Smyth
2nd son of William Smyth and Ann Hewley


  Judith Smyth (Kelly)

Reference rs/ws/ah
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
'Came to Lisburn 1650 in reign of James 1 and introduced tanning business' - 'Family Tree' W.R.H. Charley 1978
(Source currently sought)
Of Ballymacash, Co. Antrim; High Sheriff 1680 (Burke's IFR)
Ralph Smyth
4th Son of William Smyth and Anne Hewley
Alice Hawkesworth, d.o. Sir Richard Hawkesworth of Hawkesworth Hall, Yorks
at Ballymacash, bur. July 23rd 1689 at Lisburn.
William Smyth
Thomas Smyth
Ralph Smyth
Robert Smyth
Alice Smyth (Lambert)
Mary Smyth (McGenis)
Margaret Smyth

Reference rs/ws/bi
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Of Barbraville
(* notes have this spelling)
Ralph Smyth
Son of William Smyth and Barbara Ingoldsby
Anne Clark (his cousin) d.o. Darby Clark, Esq., of Co. Kildare and Ann Smyth, d.o. William Smyth, Bishop of Killala.
William Smyth
a son Smyth
Anne (Digby)

Reference rs/rs/ah
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Of Portlick Castle, Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary
Ralph Smyth
Son of Ralph Smyth and Alice Hawkesworth

Handwritten notes taken by researcher "From Burke's LG 1904"

Descendancy -

RS/Cromwell - son - Thomas Smyth of Ballingarry Castle and daughter - Mary Smyth. Mary Smyth m. Thomas Johnson of Lisburn, became 'Johnson-Smyth'

Thomas Smyth's issue = Thomas Smyth (d. 1774) of Lismacrory m. Dorcas Smith - issue =

1. Son, Ralph Smyth (d. 1813) m. 1772 Elizabeth Stoney.

2. Son, Rev. John Smyth (d. 1813) m. Jane Bernard.

3. Son William Smyth m. Sarah Stoney. >

Alice typed in then crossed out. Elizabeth handwritten over and then crossed out. Alice re-written above crossing out.



Mary Jackson, (alias Moon)

RS/Stoney - son - Ralph Smyth (d. 1835) m. Ellen Firman - daughter 1, Rebecca Margaretta Smyth m. Joseph Bernard - daughter 2, Sarah Smyth m. Lt. Col. C.A. Bailey.

RS/Firman - 1. Son Ralph Smyth (b.1814, d. 1852) m. Rebecca Margaretta Bunbury - issue Richard Flood Smyth m. & d. London. Ralph Sydney Smyth, Charles Smyth (in America) Francis Smyth.

2. Son, Richard Flood Smyth (b. 1815 d. unm aged 23. 3 son, William Sidney Smyth (b. 1822 d. 1902) m. 1850 Louise Bagot D'Arcy (d.1903).

Daughter 1, Ellen Smyth, m. Thomas Pierson Firman. Other daughters named as: Joannah Smyth, Horatia Smyth, Anne Smyth, Margaret Smyth and Henrietta Smyth. >



Ralph Smyth (Anne Cromwell)
Mary Smyth * Baptised 20/8/1678 * Married (1) Patrick Smyth (2) Robert Smyth * also noted as partner (Anthony Walsh of Grange Cairn, Co. Down)

WSS/D'Arcy - 1. Son, James Henry Smyth m. Mary Eleanor Galway - issue, son, Sidney O'Carroll Smyth and daughter Eleanor D'Arcy Smyth.

2. Son, Norman Lionel D'Arcy Smyth d. 1937 unm.

3. Son, Ralph Sneyd Smyth.

Daughter 1, Louise Smyth m. Philip Henry Cannon. Daughter 2, Ellen Sneyd Smyth. Daughter 3, Anne Frances Smyth m. Wm. Sackville-Smyth. Daughter 4, Joanne Elizabeth Smyth.

These handwritten notes/names are difficult to read and remain to be verified.

Reference rs/wts/all
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
of Glananea Co. Westmeath; High Sheriff 1813 (Burke's IFR)
Ralph Smyth
e. Son of William T. Smyth and Anne L. Loftus
Jane Alicia Fitzgerald e. d.o. Thomas Wrixon Fitzgerald and Maria Eleanor Loftus, d.o. Thomas Loftus of Killyon.
William Edward Smyth

Reference rs/rs/mj
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
of Lisburn
Ralph Smyth
e. Son of Ralph Smyth and Mary Jackson
Anne Cornwell bpt. 1682 - (of Ballylusky Co. Tipperary) d.o. Thomas Cornwell of Lisburn.
bfr 1756
Ralph Smyth 1702-1704
Thomas Smyth 1703-1722
Ralph Smyth 1704-1720
Edward Smyth 1706-1783 (of Aghnalough, Lisburn)
Roger Smyth 1709 (d. infant)
Roger Smyth 1711
Ralph Smyth 1722-1723
Mary Smyth (Johnson)
Anne Smyth (Jones)
Frances Smyth (Obre)

Reference rs/ws/cmo
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
adopted surname SMYTHE
of 'Barbaville'
Ralph Smyth
e. Son of William Smyth and Catherine Meade Ogle

Daughter-in-law helpful to C.E. Stewart in tracing origin of Mary Queen of Scotts cabinet, Jan. 1876. Letters p. 1254

Nickname 'Tiger' Smyth; looking old and weatherbeaten, 3/7/1816. Letters p.394

Elizabeth Lyster (d. 1845) d.o. Matthew Lyster of New Park, Co. Roscommon and Helen Kelly.
William Barlow Smythe
Henry Matthew Smythe
a son Smythe 1812 (d. infant)
Frederick Smythe

Reference rs/js/cv
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Of Fieldstown Co. Westmeath (purchased from Gaye family)
High Sheriff 1766 (Burke's IFR)
Ralph Smyth
Son of Ven. James Smyth and Catherine Vesey

His death reported in letter to H. Beaufort 30.03 1782 (Letters p.47)

Judith Cramer (d. ca. 1787) d.o. Balthazar John Cramer and Judith Butler, d.o 1st Visc. Lanesborough.
Widowed 30/3/1782; removes to Bath. (Letters p.47)
At point of death in Westmeath, 10/7/1787; Robt. W'r asked to attend. (Letters p.62)
Ralph Smyth
James Smyth (Capt. RN) kia 1783

Reference rs/ws/mk
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Of Glananea, Co. Westmeath (rebuilt 18th Cent. with Triumphal Arch, later desc. to be known as "Mr. Smyth of the gates."
Ralph Smyth
3rd Son of William Smyth and Mary King
Jane Walsh, d.o. Anthony Walsh of Grange Cairn, Co. Down and Mary Smyth.
William Thomas Smyth

Reference rs/re/jc
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
of Gaybrook; High Sheriff 1790
Ralph (Smith) Smyth
2nd Son of Ralph Smyth of Fieldstown Co. Westmeath and Judith Cramer
Promises to be good and useful character 30/3/1782 Letters p. 47
Wants to buy Mellicent, Co. Kildare 30/3/1782 Letters p. 48
Begs Robert W'r to come as mother dying in Westmeath 10/7/1789 Letters p. 62
Has a fever 15/2/1797 Letters p. 79
Not able to travel 14/2/1797 Letters p. 80
Sent something to M.H. N-W. 7/3/1797 Letters p. 84
In London 18.8/1797 Letters p. 94
Reported to be marrying Mary Tennison, 14/6/1790, an heiress with 10,000; she later m. Nicolas Coddington. Letters p. 66
(1) 1785
Mary Harrison d.o. Nicholas Harrison of Ballydargon Co. Down.
(2) 1799
Hannah Maria Staples, (d. 1849) d.o. Sir Robert Staples, 5th Bt. of Dunmae

Hannah Maria (Staples) Smyth visited H. B'fort 14/8/1844; did not go to Crogan Hill with her. Letters p. 893

Henrietta Frances (Alexander) Smyth visited by L.C. B'fort, 15/3/1838; to go to Leixlip Castle. Letters p. 688

child Smyth (d. young)
Catherine Smyth (Cavendish)


* Ralph Smyth
Robert Smyth
Mary Jane Smyth (d. 1843 unm.)
Anne Smyth (Bond)
Elizabeth Selina Smyth (Dames)

* Robert Smyth - married (20/5/1830) Henrietta Frances Alexander (d. 1875) y. d.o. Nathaniel Alexander, Bishop of Meath.

* Children:
Ralph Smyth
3 other sons
3 daughters (qv below)

Reference rs/rs/hms
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
surname SMYTH
of Gaybrook
Ralph Smyth
e Son of Ralph Smyth and Hannah Maria Staples

Dies in a drunken fit, 18/7/1827; family afraid Gaybrook will be left to Capel family; brother Robert inherits. Letters pp 495, 496, 500

Georgiana Capel, (d. 1835) d.o. Hon. John Thomas Capel, 2nd. son of William Anne, 4th Earl of Essex.

Would like to travel in Europe, 18/7/1827; widowed. Letters pp 495, 496, 500

Georgiana Capel m (2) Pierce O'Brien Butler of Dunboyne Castle, Co. Meath


Reference rs/rs/asgb
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Lt. Colonel. of St. George Lodge, Southampton
Ralph Smyth
3rd Son of Ralph Smyth and Amelia St. George Browne
(1) Mary Givvon d.o. John Givvon
(2) Harriett Cameron d.o. Campbell Cameron


Ralph Graham Smyth
Charles Shuirlier Smyth
Jemima Smyth (Ross)
Amelie St. George Smyth (Bayley)
Katherine Smyth (Higginson)
Ralph Adderley Smyth
Edward Adderley St. George Smyth
Hugh Cameron Smyth
Maud Smyth

Reference rs/rs/cs
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
30th Regiment
Ralph Smyth
2nd Son of William Smyth and Charlotte Stewart
Amelia St. George Browne d.o. Reverend Thomas Adderley Browne of Riverstown


William Thomas Smyth
Thomas Graham Smyth
Ralph Smyth
George Sackville Smyth
Anne Smyth (Thompson)
Elizabeth Katharyne Smyth
Amelia St. George Smyth (Turton)
Katherine Mary Smyth (Deane)

Reference rgs/rs/mg
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Ralph Graham Smyth
Son of Ralph Smyth and Mary Givvon
Lucy Werge d.o. J. Werge




Reference rs/rs/hfa
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
served in the Crimea. Capt.
of Gaybrook
Ralph Smyth
e Son of Ralph Smyth and Henrietta F. Alexander
The Hon. Selina Constance, (d. 1910) 4th d.o. Kenelm, 17th Lord Sommerville (Admiral)

Reference rls/ws/bi
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
of Barbavilla
Ralph Leonard Smyth
2nd Son of William Smyth and Barbara Ingoldsby
Francis Clarke, y. d.o. Darby Clarke and Ann Frances Smyth, 3rd d.o. Rt. Rev. William Smyth
William Smyth
Ralph Smyth 1752 d. infant
Ralph Smyth 1759 d. bfr 1761
Ralph Smyth
James Smyth 1762 d. aftr 1785 unm.
Charles Smyth 1766 d. young
Barbara Smyth (Cooke)
Ann Smyth (Digby)
Frances Smyth 1754-1758
Mary Smyth 1755 d. aftr 1785
Frances Smyth 1758 d. bfr 1764
Frances Smyth (Crofton)

Reference rbts/rs/ah
Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
Vicar of Ballyloughloe, Co. Westmeath. Reverend.
Robert Smyth
4th Son of Ralph Smyth and Alice (Elizabeth) Hawkesworth
Miss Arnold


Michael Smyth m. Isabella Johnstone (issue)
Alice Smyth m. Rev. Joseph Travers (issue)
Jane Smyth m. 17(?4)4 Rev. Stephen Radcliffe

Birth/Baptism Marriage(s) Death Children
of Graybrook. Captain - The Hussars and 24th Regiment. High Sheriff Westmeath 1838. High Sheriff Antrim 1852.
Robert Smyth
2nd Son of Ralph Smyth and Hannah Maria Staples

* Inherits Gaybrook when brother Ralph dies in drunken fit, 18/7/1827 Letters pp 495, 496, 500.

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Henrietta Frances Alexander (d. 1885) yst. d.o. Rt. Reverend Nathaniel Alexander D.D. Bishop of Meath.
Anne Smyth m. 1859 Chas. Dole Stuart (d. 1896) of Woburn Sands, Woburn, Bedfords, 2nd son of Wm. Stuart of Aldenham Abbey, Herts.
Maria Hannah Smyth m. 1865 Sam Thompson of Mucleamore Abbey, Co. Antrim.
Henrietta Frances Smyth m. (1) 1865 Geo. Travers Macartney (d. 1874) (Capt.) Lissamuie Castle Co. Antrim. Issue. She m. (2) 1877 Hamilton Wm. Palmer 2nd son of William L. Palmer of Rahan Edinderry, Co. Kildare. Issue.
Ralph Smyth (1831)
Nathaniel Alexander Smyth 1835-1838
Robert Staples Smyth 1837 m. 1862 Christina MacPherson. - Son, Ralph Smyth
James Smyth 1839 of Gaybrook (Colonel) m. 1883 Lucy Helen Purdon d.o. Geo. Nugent Purdon of Lisnabin, Co. Westmeath - Sons, Robert Smyth and James Smyth

Handwritten notes/names are difficult to read and spellings should be verified.

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