Barbavilla"SMYTHE of BARBAVILLA" (Westmeath, Ireland)
descended from Thomas Smyth (b.1520) who married Jane Layton.
William Smyth (the Builder of Barbavilla) 1692-1769 married (1713) Barbara Ingoldsby (d.1738) - youngest daughter of Colonel Sir George Ingoldsby of Gortkilleen, Co. Limerick who was the sixth son of Sir Richard Ingoldsby of Lethenborough, Bucks and Elizabeth Cromwell, eldest daughter of Sir Oliver Cromwell, K.B. of Hinchinbrooke, and 1st cousin of the Lord Protector.)

The house, Barbavilla, was built on land that William Smyth inherited from his father (William Smyth, Bishop of Kilmore & Ardagh) and he named it in honour of his wife.

Their daughter, Mary died within a year of birth (1715/16). Their first son, William, died in infancy. Their son Ralph Leonard Smyth - 1717-1790 - (the Prince of Lough Lene) married (1748) his cousin, Frances Clarke (1721-1771) - youngest daughter of Darby Clarke and his wife Ann Frances Smyth, 3rd daughter of the Rt. Reverend William Smyth, Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh.

There were 6 sons and 6 daughters of the marriage between Ralph Leonard Smyth and Frances Clarke.

Their first son, William Smyth - 1750-1810 - (aka Billy the Saint) - married (1783) Catherine Meade Ogle (1763-1826) - elder daughter and eventual heiress of William Meade Ogle, MP for Drogheda, and his wife Mary Barlow. Children of the marriage: qv link above.
Ralph Smyth 1752
died as an infant.
Ralph Smyth 1759
died before 1761.
Ralph Smyth - Born 1761. (d. 1826) of Drogheda, Co. Louth. Captain in the Army. He married (1784 or 1785) Mary Schoales (d.1850) only child of (Alderman of Drogheda) George Schoales.
James Smyth 1762.
(d. after 1785, unmarried)
Cornet 5th Dragoon Guards.
Charles Smyth 1766
died young.
Barbara Smyth (b. 1751) m. 1774 John Cooke of Cookesborough, Co. Westmeath, son of Richard Cooke and ? Harriet French. Barbara Smyth died 1817 leaving 1 son and 2 daughters. Ann Smyth 1753 m. 1781 John William Digby of Landenstown, Co. Kildare. There were children of the marriage.
Frances Smyth 1754
died before 1758.
Mary Smyth 1755
died unmarried after 1785.
Frances Smyth 1758
died before 1764.
Frances Smyth 1764 - married 1787, Sir Hugh Crofton, 2nd. Bt., of Mohill Castle, Co. Leitrim. (d. 1834) She died in 1847. There were children of the marriage.
Note: England - Smythe/Cromwell marriages - John Smythe's son, William Smythe, married Margaret Cromwell. William Cromwell, of Notts., England settled in Putney, Surrey. He was the son of Robert Cromwell. He married Margaret Smythe, the daughter of John Smythe. Their daughter was Margaret Cromwell. She married William Smythe, her cousin.

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