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Springs 1926
The Motoring Tour

Two Chauffeurs with "The Hudson" and waiting for the off ...
Else Grootenhuis with Babs Anstruther.

The photographer would have been Bill Grootenhuis. Douglas Anstruther with "The Buick"

(Left) Bill Grootenhuis with Else - a visit to a windmill.
Also with them, Douglas and Babs Anstruther.

A later car photograph - "Don & Alfa April 1929"

Don in close-up ... Don(ald?) currently unknown. Information sought.

Douglas & Babs 1926

Else Grootenhuis, in her photograph album, has the rider below named as Douglas Anstruther. There is confusion here since "Don" in the "Alfa picture" above would seem to be one and the same person as in the rider below - who is (most probably) a Wormald - the line and setting of the mouth/jaw and lips seem to be a clear (family) genetic trait. The photograph of Douglas and Babs (above inset) shows Douglas to be very different in looks from this contemporary picture of "Don" ...

The rider with him may have been named Emma - or, perhaps, E.M.A.? (Babs)

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