Information and original image courtesy of David Ward, his grandson.
Thomas (Tom) Drew (1875-1938)

Tom Drew was (it is believed) a cousin of Ada Josephine Drew (who married Frank T. Smythe) and the nephew of Mrs. Meredith who is mentioned by Kilvert in his diary of 1870.

He was, according to my late uncle, Frank Drew:

"... a self taught violinist who also dabbled in flute and mandoline. He was of outstanding physique, and as a young man took part in boxing and sprinting at three counties level. He also performed on stage in a harlequin suit, with blacked face and wig, in a 'Minstrel Troupe' linked to the Methodist Church. He attended the Society of Friends in Hereford, and played in their orchestra. He was mildly radical and was involved in some early (unspecified) trade union activity."