Note on Tracy descendants - The Emperor Charlemagne, extracted from 'Burke's Peerage and Baronetage'

The Emperor Charlemagne

The Tracy male line derives from Walter 1, Count of Amiens and probably also of Vexin and Valois, who died between 992 and 998. Walter's father was a Count Ralph, probably of Valois, who married Eldegarde. This may have been the Count Ralph who died in 943 or the latter's father, Ralph de Gouy, Count of Amiens, who died in 926. Ralph de Guoy's mother was named Heillwich.

There are three theories as to the identity of his father.

1. L' Abbe Chaume (Les Origines du duche de Bourgogne Vol. 1 p.537) thought that he was Walter, Count of Laon, whose male line he carried back to Warin who died in 677.

2. Mr. Philip Grierson (Le Moyen Age XLIX (1939) pp. 81-125) argues against the above and suggests that the father of Ralph de Guoy was Huebold, Count of Ostrevant, who died sometime after 895. If this was the case then Heillwich would have been the daughter of Eberhard of Friuli (who died sometime between 864 and 866) and Gisela who was the daughter of the Emperor Lewis the Pious, son of Charlemagne.

3. Professor David Kelley, however, suggests that Ralph de Guoy was the son of a Count Theuderie (alive in 888) of the Nibelungen family son of Neibelung, Count of Vexin in 864, inferred by the descent of Perrecy and Jully to have been descended from Count Childebrand I, lord of Perrecy who died in 752 and who was the half-brother of King Charles Martel, the grandfather of Charlemagne, though the line is uncertain. Count Childebrand was father of Nibelung, lord of Perrecy (alive in 768), the grandfather of Nibelung, Count of Vexin in 805. He was probably grandfather of Nibelung, Count in 864, mentioned above.

The Carolingian male ancestry, which may thus also be that of the Tracys, goes back to St. Arnulf, Bishop of Metz (b.582 d. 640), son of Bodegisel, nephew (or son) of St. Gundulf (d. 607), son of Munderic (d. 532), son of Cloderic the Parricide (d. 509), King of Cologne, son of Siegbert (d. 509), a kinsman of Clovis, King of the Franks. (See David H. Kelley "A New Consideration of the Carolinginas", New England Hist. and Gen. Reg. Vol. CI, 1947, pp 109-112 and Wagner, English Genealogy" pp 31-32 and sources cited there.)

Walter I Count of Amiens and probably of Vexin, and Valois, married Adela, probably daughter of Fulk I, Count of Anjou. He died sometime between 992 and 998. He was followed by his son, Walter II, (the White) Count of Vexin, Valois and Amiens who built the castle at Crespy in Valois and founded the monastery of St. Arnulf there in 1008. He married Adela and died between 1017 and 1024. Among his children was Drogo (Dreux), Count of Vexin and Amiens who married Godgifu (who later married Eustace II, Count of Boulogne) sister of King Edward the Confessor, and daughter of Ethelred II, the Redeless, King of England, by his second wife, Emma, daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. He died on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1035. Among his children was his second son, Ralph (Comes/Earl) (de Sudeley) who married Getha. He died in 1057. Their son Harold de Sudeley had a son

John de Sudeley (d. c1136) m. Grace de Tracy, the daughter of William de Tracy (a natural son of King Henry I).