Maternal Great Great Great Great Grandparents Hanbury and Tracy

Henrietta Susanna Hanbury née Tracy only child
and heiress of 8th Viscount Tracy of Rathcoole.
Died 1839
by Merlin, 7th Lord Sudeley


Charles Hanbury

1st. Lord Sudeley
of Toddington (1838)
Born 1777 Married 1798 Died 1858
Toddington Manor
The History of Toddington Manor
1801 Thomas Charles George Hanbury-Tracy , 2nd. Lord Sudeley.

1802 Henry Hanbury-Tracy, - m. 1841 Rosamond Anne Myrtle Shirley (d.1865) - daughter of Robert William, Viscount Tamworth, only son of 8th. Earl Ferrers. - d. 1889