Maternal Great Great Great Grandparents - Hanbury -Tracy/Dawkins-Pennant

Emma Elizabeth Alicia
née Dawkins-Pennant
Died 1888

She was, writes Merlin, 7th Lord Sudeley, the "daughter of George Hay Dawkins-Pennant who built Penrhyn Castle in the  Revival Norman style out of the profits of his sugar plantations worked by slaves in the West Indies and the slate quarries near Penrhyn. Emma and her sister Juliana, later 1st. Lady Penrhyn, were known as Sugar and Slate, to indicate the sources of their prospective inheritances."

Toddington Manor as it appears in an Edgar A. Poe film ...

Thomas Charles Hanbury-Tracy
2nd. Lord Sudeley
Born 1801
Married 1831
Died 1863


1837 Sudeley Charles George Hanbury-Tracy, 3rd. Lord Sudeley.

1840 Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy, 4th. Lord Sudeley.

1844 Algernon Cornwallis Henry Hanbury-Tracy d. 1845

1846 Alfred Francis Algernon Hanbury-Tracy (Reverend) d. 1929
m1. Agnes Jane Hoare.
m.2 Evelyn Margaret Haselfoot.
1848 Frederick Stephen Archibald Hanbury-Tracy d. 1906
m. Helena Caroline Winnington.