Muriel Vera Wormald
m.1915 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1939)
d. 1979

Their Children

Anne Wootten (b. 1920 d. 1999)
married (1947)
Richard Wentworth Hartley (d. 1975)
(of Steep Marsh, Petersfield, Hants), son of the Reverend John Sercombe Hartley, of Middleham, Yorks.
Hartley Cousins Hartley Family
Prue Wootten (b. 19xxi) (living 2001)
married (1944)
Nicholas Loftus (d. 1965)
(of Halesworth, Suffolk) younger son of Pierse Creagh Loftus, JP, of Southwold, Suffolk.
Loftus Cousins Loftus Family
Major General
Richard Montague Wootten
b. 1889
d. 1979

His father, Montague Wootten, owned a private bank - Wootten's Bank - in Oxford.

He married secondly, 1939, Florence Bessie Percival, daughter of William Percival, of Biddenden, Kent.

Major-General Richard Montague Wootten, C.B. (1940), M.C., of Burford, Oxfordshire. Educated at Rugby and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Commissioned in the 6th Dragoons 1909, served in WW1 in France and Belgium, Instructor, Staff College 1927-31, commanding The Queen's Bays, 1932-35, AQMG Brit Troops in Egypt, 1935-36 and 1937-38, served in Palestine, 1936, Assistant Director, Territorial Army, War Office, 1938; Deputy Director, 1938-39; ADC to HM the King 1938-39; served in WWII, 1939-45, Area District Commander 1941, 1940, DQMG, War Office, 1942, District Commander, 1943-45, retired 1945. Cmdr, U.S. Legion of Merit. - 'BURKE''S LANDED GENTRY, 1952.

Wootten family references in the Anstruther Guest Book 1901 - 1952

The image on the left records the first visit by Richard Wootten and Vera Wootten (née Wormald) to Douglas and Babs Anstruther's house, 'Greyfriars' at Redbourn in Hertfordshire, January 18th 1930. (The remark beneath the date states "No, I mean Jan!!!")


Richard and Vera Wootten's next visit - when they would have met (had they not done so before) Bill Grootenhuis. (qv) He was also staying on that day (Schneider Cup) - September 12th 1931. Bill Grootenhuis was married to Else Mary Wormald (qv) - Babs Anstruther's first cousin.

1933: Sir John Wormald, father of Vera and Babs, died in Oxford on May 20th 1933. Their mother, "Mab" lived until 1953. Vera visited Redbourn alone on November 10th 1933 then again in July/August of 1934, this time with her daughters, Anne Wootten and Prue Wootten. Anne Wootten later married into the Hartley family. Prue was next to visit on 26th February. Time passed with no visits from Wootten relatives between. Then, in 1939 - the year of the divorce between Vera and her husband - who remarried that same year - war broke out. Vera signed the Guest Book on May 2nd 1940 while Prue stayed on 9th November and also on 24th December - for Christmas, it seems. The next visit was by Prue on 26th September 1942. Vera visited on 7th November 1942. Prue visited 24/25 January 1943 while Vera stayed 23/26 January and Anne Wootten visited on the 18th March. To avoid confusion, (or raised eyebrows) the visit by a Mr. George Thomson was recorded as 12th March!

Vera was a visitor again on 9th October 1943 and on 31st March, 17th June and 22nd September of 1944 while Anne visited on 25th June of that year. In 1945, Vera visited on 10th February and Anne on the 17th. Vera paid a Christmas visit on 23rd December 1945. The next visit by Vera is pencilled in as 3rd. February 1948 followed by 25th February, 27th-28th July, 6th September and 29th November 1949 by which time Douglas and Babs had moved (September 1948) to Tetbury in Gloucestershire. In 1950, Vera visited on 28th March and 31st August; in 1951 on 30th April. In 1952 it was 11th April when she visited - recorded for the last time in the Anstruther Guest Book which ceased to exist as such in 1953 after the death of Mab Wormald who lived her latter years in Tetbury with Babs and Douglas. From 1955 Douglas and Babs lived separate lives in London. There was a flat in Edge Street, Kensington. Douglas died there in 1956. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the family name of Mathiesen occurs frequently (Bridget) (Dodo) (Kenneth) in the Anstruther Guest Book and information is invited from anyone with knowledge of this family.

Chipping Croft, Tetbury - Anstruther home 1948 - c.1955