Maternal Great Grandparents - Wormald / Simms

Eleanor Mabel (Mab) née Simms

(genealogy courtesy of Robert Maxtone Graham)
Married 1889
Died 1953

Three Ladies .... Three Ladies Wormald

Doris (Dodo) M. Wormald (1892)
Muriel Vera Wormald (1894

Wormald 1901 Census

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The History of Fire Sprinklers - and Sir John Wormald John Wormald and the
history of Fire Sprinklers
Sir John Wormald Family - his parents and siblingsSir John Wormald, K.B.E.
Born 1859 Edinburgh Died 1933 Oxford
Wormald cousin branches
Wormald family and cousin branches
John Wormald was a celebrated Director of Dowson, Taylor Co. and later of Mather & Platt Ltd. of Manchester. He was the inspiration behind what was later to become the international Wormald group of companies, formed originally by his brothers in Australia, dealing in security and fire protection. Now part of Tyco.

Sir John Wormald K.B.E. - Knighthood 1919; M.I.C.E.; Educated: Royal High School, Edinburgh and University, Edinburgh. Arms of Wormald (John) - large view

Managing Director of Mather & Platt Ltd., Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic Engineers, of Manchester and Westminster; J.P. County of Oxford; High Sheriff, 1916-17; High Steward of the Ancient Borough of Wallingford; Lord of the Manor of North Stoke;

Member of the Finance Board of the Ministry of Munitions and Chairman of the Industries and General Services Committees of the War Cabinet, 1916-19. from WHO WAS WHO, 1929-1940.

Sir John ... the corporate entertainer

John Wormald - House Guest signature at Greyfriars - daughter Bab's home. 1930

Anstruther photograph of "The Springs" (North Stoke, Oxfordshire) c.1930
This house was formerly the Wormald family home and is now The Springs Hotel
John Wormald (1980s) writes about the Hotel "Springs"Visit (1980s) to The Springs Hotel
by John Wormald - grandson of Sir John Wormald.
Some photographs from Springs - c.1926
Photographs from Springs c. 1926 The Cricket Match
Photographs from Springs c. 1926The Motoring Tour

The following information about The Springs courtesy of Nicky Cooper (2001) - The Springs Hotel.

"In 1912 the house was bought by Sir John Wormald who made substantial additions including the glass enclosed Winter Garden - now known as The Lakeside Restaurant - and an oak panelled library. The decorative ceiling he put into the dining room - now the Lord Nelson Room - was a copy from the Scottish hunting lodge of King James 1. This original has since been destroyed by fire and the copy at the Springs remains the only example."

Wormald family information courtesy of Wilma van Stratum - 2001.

Written about Sir John Wormald by "A Correspondent" - publication date and author unknown

"The late Sir John Wormald was a man of singular force and charm of character. Born into the Wormald family of Yorkshire, his mother was a Scottish Highlander. He was the eldest of a large family of children. His time at Edinburgh University was cut short by the death of his parents and, being the eldest son, he took their place - which he did successfully. He went into insurance, from which he was taken on by Sir William Mather (Mather & Platt) who picked him as the man to sell Fire Sprinklers in Russia. One who knew him there was impressed by his mastery of his subject and by the tact, courtesy and strength which persuaded Russian insurance companies to promote the use of sprinklers by granting large rebates. Ultimately John Wormald became Managing Director of the firm in Manchester. Picture courtesy of Stephanie Jenkins. Click on the image for further details

During the First World War he was Chairman of the Rationing Committee. The Press Bureau drescribed his work in a statement printed in "The Times" of January 8th 1919. "The Chairman, Mr. John Wormald, has given the whole of his time to the work. For its valuable services, the Committee has been warmly thanked not only by the Government but also by the traders whom they rationed. It is generally admitted that the Committee has furnished a striking example of what can be effected in administration by appointing one just man of experience and business ability, and by allowing him to select his own colleagues. Manufacturers have seen their necessary applications reduced by half and yet have cheerfully concurred." [Note: His Knighhood followed his War Service]

John Wormald's life had many other interests. In his early days, he worked among the poor of the East End and there earned the life-long friendship of two Bishops of Stepney (Winnington-Ingram and Lang). The village of North Stoke, in Oxfordshire, where he lived for many years, owed everything to him. He found it a slum village, where the common labourer's weekly wage was 12s 6d. He risked his neighbours' displeasure by declaring that no man should work for him for less than a pound. He built a Village Hall and restored the beautiful thirteenth-century church. Wallingford owes to him its model hospital, in projecting which he not only spent his own money lavishly but shamed some others, who had been less ready, into doing their part.

He had rare, natural taste and was all his life a collector. Some of His Majesty's Judges, and many others, know the loving care with which he tended and beautified the (pictured) Judge's Lodgings at Oxford. There he displayed his Chinese Porcelain, a small but exquisite collection. His portrait by Laszlo, which hangs in the small dining room, is the portrait of an artist."

Pictured - Mab Wormald on the boat of Percy Douglas 1920s - photo courtesy of Wilma van Stratum, her great niece.
(These two photographs also courtesy of Wilma van Stratum)Wormald family group.

In this pre-1933 Wormald photograph which belonged to Else Mary Wormald are listed - left to right -

Uncle Fred Wormald of the Isle of Man

Aunt Lil (Lily A.) Wormald
-sister of ...
Uncle Jack (Sir John) Wormald (rt.)
Sir John's 1920s London address:
87 Sloane Street, London SW

Image Right:

Babs (Wormald) Anstruther
with her husband, Douglas Anstruther
Mabel Wormald and ? Joyce Anstruther or ? Else Grootenhuis
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