Wormald Family Cousins

Lady Mab Wormald with her dog "Laddie". 1920s.Leslie Wormald 1926Sir John and Lady Mab (pictured left with her terrier, "Laddie") Wormald's son Leslie Graham Wormald was a British Olympic Rower (Record breaking VIII) at the Stockholm Olympics 1912.

Boat: Edgar Burgess, Philip Fleming, Arthur Garton, James Gillan, Ewart Horsfall, Alister Kirby, Sidney Swann, Leslie Wormald, Henry Wells.

He married Amy M. (née ?) in Sherborne Cathedral. He died in 1965. His daughter, Pat Wormald (Godmother of Richard Hartley) (qv) married Richard Garlick who worked at IBM for many years. Neither is now living. Richard and Pat Garlick had three children, one of whom died.

Living (2001) - Simon Garlick and Jane Garlick (married ?).

Leslie Wormald's second daughter, Benita Wormald married Jack Bowles, who later became Director General of The National Trust. Benita Bowles died at a young age.

Leslie Wormald's son, John Wormald married Ruth (?) and lived near Yeovil in Somerset. He was a financial consultant.

Babs Anstruther c.1928Grateful thanks are extended to Wilma van Stratum, the God-daughter - and relative - of Babs (pictured right) Anstruther for her information and photographs of members of the Wormald and Grootenhuis families.

Babs Anstruther was the youngest daughter of Sir John Wormald and was born in the same year as her first cousin, Else Wormald, 1901.

Additional Wormald information has been supplied here courtesy of John Hartley, grandson of Vera Wormald (qv below) and a great-grandson of Sir John Wormald.

Sir John Wormald's daughter (Muriel) Vera Wormald married Richard Montague Wootten.

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The Family of William Edward Wormald
- brother of Sir John Wormald

His daughter was Else Mary Wormald - mother of Wilma van Stratum (née Grootenhuis) - from whom, details with gratitude.

William Edward WormaldElse Wormald's father was William Edward Wormald (d.1922) - a brother of Sir John Wormald. A memorandum was circulated at his company offices, in October of 1922, a short while after his death and it gives details of his standing as a man and as a colleague.

Else's mother was née Law and was reputedly very pretty. On concluding her schooling she was sent to Germany to learn the language. Among family memorabilia remains a dance fan with the names of her partners written on it.

Else's parents lived at "Lisleworth" in Esher, Surrey. As a family, they were keen riders. They kept their own horses and had a groom. When Else was born, her mother was not particularly interested in her. She grew up adoring her father who - after a shocking accident in a lift by which he lost a leg and was thus unable to take exercise - died from a heart attack about a year afterwards. Else, then aged only twenty one, was alone in the house with her father at the time. Later, her mother moved to Westmorland where she lived alone with just a housekeeper for a companion. She died in Westmorland. Else had one brother (qv below).

A beloved aunt called Nel (*1 below) took Else under her wing. She went to Paris to learn French. Here she met Kathleen Douglas-Bate who became her best friend. Whilst in Paris, Else also met and worked for an English author (possibly named Holmes?) who fell in love with her. They agreed to be married but she got cold feet at the last moment. As the train tickets for the honeymoon had already been bought, her former husband-to-be took the honeymoon trip - alone - to the Côte d'Azure.

Back in England, a friend of Douglas and Babs Anstruther, William (Bill) Cornelius Grootenhuis was introduced to Else. He was a shipping agent for England and Holland and worked for the Holland America Line and Rotterdam Lloyd. His métier was sprinklers, steering gear and shipping stabilizers.

Else and Bill were married in 1926 and later moved to Holland to live. Their daughter, Wilma, was born in the Netherlands. Babs Anstruther became her Godmother. During the war, in 1940 - and after the Channel had been mined - the family left Holland for England and Wilma was placed in a boarding school. Her father later joined the Dutch Navy and became A.D.C. to Admiral J.T. Fürstner, Minister of Naval affairs and Commander of the Navy. He attained the rank of Commander. In later life, he was divorced from Else and married her best friend from the Paris days, Kathleen Douglas-Bate.

William Dalton Wormald (Jimmy)William Dalton Wormald

William Dalton Wormald (aka Jimmy) was the younger brother of Else Wormald (Grootenhuis) by 2 to 3 years. He was, by all accounts, 'the favourite' of the two children. He married Audrey (d. 1983) (née?) from Australia and settled in Moss Vale, N.S.W.

By 1920, he had become a qualified pilot in England and was a member of the R.A.F. Reserve. In Australia when World War II broke out he applied to join the R.A.A.F., but was turned down because of his age (34). Thus, he became a Sapper in the Royal Australian Engineers - 2/4th Field Park 9th Division - and saw action in the Western Desert, advancing through to Mersa Matruh. He survived drinking poisoned water, was later wounded and invalided out of the forces.

(William) Jimmy & Audrey Wormald's Moss Vale house in N.S.W. Australia.

After the War he suffered from the crippling effects of his wounds. Additionally, the aftermath of the poisoned water left his constition weak. He was well-known and had many friends in N.S.W., having the habit of frequently going "walk-about" in his car, mainly on a circuit of the southern areas of the State.

(*1) It is thought that "Aunt Nel" was married to Frank Cooper. Aunt Nel was definitely Else Wormald's aunt - a sister of Else's mother and therefore would have had the maiden name of Law. Family memory links her with the family name Gunnery - possibly a first marriage - Don Gunnery?

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Family Mathiesen/Family White
Dodo Matheisen?
Frieda/Freda Mathiesen married a brother of Bridget White. Possibly lived/living in East Sussex.
Cooper - Frank, Dorothy, Edythe M., (née Wormald?) m. Frank Cooper
Ann Wormald = ?
C. M Wormald = (?)
Wormald Sister/Aunt/Niece/in-law - Daphne?