Wilma Grootenhuis/Wormald

Wilma van Stratum (née Grootenhuis)
Amongst Babs Anstruther's photo collection are these two photographs. The smaller is a Dutch studio photograph in postcard format. The obverse is over stamped with the wording 'Tel.771550 - Den Haag. Photo-Atelier Joh. v. Hespen Laan v. N.O. Indie 39'.
Babs Anstruther was Wilma's godmother and relative. Wilma is the only child of William (Bill) Cornelius Grootenhuis and Else Wormald.

Wilma at Greyfriars

Information below - from The Anstruther Guest Book - William Cornelius and Else Wormald visted in May and then June 1926. They spent part of their honeymoon at Whitchurch ...

Else's "familiar" name, coined by her husband, was 'Tini'. (He was very tall and she was slight of stature.)

They returned in October 1926 signing the Guest Book as husband and wife - and caught a cold!

There is a long gap in Guest Book itself - 1927 to 1928

Bill visited alone (Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race day) 31/3/31 - (Oxford lost, he notes.)

Tini & Wilma visited in June '31.
Bill visited alone 10 -13 July 1931.

Then Bill visited and stayed for the Schneider Cup on 12/9/31

8/11/31 - Bill, alone. 8th April 1933 - Bill alone. - Also noted in the Guest Book that "Jean visited Holland" in this year. (Jean was the only child of Douglas and Babs Anstruther.) Visiting July 30/31 1933 Bill and Else - with a comment "mysterious as usual"

Final entry for Bill Grootenhuis in Anstruther Guest Book - Bill, alone 4th August 1933.