Eva Isabella Henrietta (Hanbury-Tracy) Anstruther1928
Transcripts of family horoscopes - from the papers of (Babs) E. M. Anstruther, née Wormald

These three transcripts were carefully preserved as separate boxed items among the papers of Babs Anstruther. Whilst stained by the metal paperclips holding the various pages apart as sections, they show little evidence of handling or frequent revisitation. The pages contain a significant number of typescript errors which have been edited here. In this page, the phraseology is exact and the punctuation and paragraphing formats have been retained.

Dame Eva AnstrutherThe horoscopes are believed to originate from (or via) Dame Eva Anstruther - Babs Anstruther's mother-in-law, pictured adjacent. Whilst Babs stated that she "got on" reasonably well with Eva, she was very much in awe of her and described her character as "formidable" - and difficult for any daughter-in-law to cope with.

Bab's husband, Douglas Anstruther, was very much the apple of his mother's eye, and she found the majority of her encounters with the Dame to be "a tad stressful".

It has been said that Eva was especially fond of throwing dinner parties for about a dozen or so guests where the conversation could be especially intimate at the table. Eva would stack the evening with polar opposites in terms of the beliefs and various leanings of her invitees - the resulting evenings would often prove stimulating and explosive - and frequently embarrassing. Additionally, over the preceding decades, Eva had become increasingly involved in - and reliant upon - psychic and spiritual movements - the paranormal, Theosophy, Scientology and Natural philosophies - minority but flourishing movements of her era.

After her death, in 1935, among the Dame's books were found some 37 on black magic and 66 on cookery - though she was never known to cook. Also found was a photograph of a personal enemy - with pins stuck into it. The photograph was of Sybil Lascelles Alexander, her son's mother-in-law by his first marriage (Church of the Annunciation, Bryanston Square, London 9th December, 1914) to Enid Campbell - (1892-1964) - 2nd daughter of Lord George Granville Campbell, a son of the 8th Duke of Argyll.

It is suspected that although the Dame pretended to like Enid, she also loathed her for taking Douglas away, and then - in her estimation - not making him happy. Enid's later state of mind - and her deteriorating health in general - may well have had a great deal to do with Dame Eva.

Jean Anstruther 1927-1961 BiographyTranscript # 1
The first transcript is by carbon copy only and is dated 1st January 1928.
Jean Anstruther was born on September 3rd. 1927.
Her star sign - Virgo.


Well formed, brown hair, oval face, blue or grey eyes. Middle stature; inclined to stoop unless corrected. Fresh complexion, inclining to baldness near temples.

Generous and warm hearted; cheerful, rather too impulsive for own good. Possible to shew two very different characters; one external, the other internal. Can be both brave and almost reckless, yet very sensitive and reticent, hence difficult to know. Inclined to plumpness, in middle life especially.

Very fond of travelling and will change abode often. Full of imagination and romance.

Not very good at business matters, but personal application will be necessary for success, and native will inherit land or property - to do with.

Some danger of scandal or public criticism storms.

Not very good for domestic harmony; some troubles, death or separation from a parent, or it might be Father-in-Law.

Good vitality and able to resist disease; must be careful to avoid drugs; the only weakness indicated is a slight weakness of the bowels.

Vitality should be well conserved and it is essential for the wellbeing and health that the native should have a certain time (if only a few minutes) each day when she can be quite alone and perfectly at rest.

Very fond of opposite sex and somewhat inconstant.

Two or more marriages possible, one of which will be inimical to the position of the native.

Attracted to mystical things, dreams and visions, might have to do with mediumship and prophecy.

Obstacles occur in early part of life, but success will come before the close at about 30 some reversals or some serious calamity is shewn. *

Will love domestic comforts of all kinds, and will suffer from inharmonious surroundings and discord.

Great love of music and drama. Might be a good musician or poet, or writer of love stories or dramatic sketches.

Much hope and joy in her nature, and a great love of pleasure.

Very good health if she does not over do, but the native will be a little inclined to go to extremes and be lacking in self-restraint. Some inclination to be religious, although it may not be an orthodox religion.

* the lack of punctuation in this paragraph is perhaps significant for its prophetic interpretation.

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Site NoteJean Anstruther - Graduation Edinburgh

Jean Anstruther died in April 1961 at the age of 33. She was the only child of the marriage beween Douglas Anstruther and Evelyn Mabel (Babs) Wormald. They were married in 1925. Douglas Anstruther died in 1956, Babs in 1981.

A childhood friend, Diana Turner, speaking in the 1980s - told of Jean being quite a delicate child, having respiratory weaknesses, especially triggered by the common cold or influenza. Jean became a successful vet after training at Edinburgh where she began at the age of 17. Soon after this, her parents moved (1948) from her childhood home in Hertfordshire to Tetbury in Gloucestershire. She married Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe in 1949.

Within the space of her short married life, (1949-61) she lived in four different family homes - in Wiltshire, Herefordshire (2) and in Pembrokeshire (Dyfed) Wales, where, during the latter months of 1960, she experienced a serious road accident whilst on the way to a veterinary visit. She never fully recovered from this mishap but was eventually able to resume her work as a vet and to hunt.

Early in the following year, she contracted chicken pox which then developed into pneumonia and she was admitted to hospital. After further nursing complications she fell victim to 'acute post infectious encephalitis' and died at Hill House Hospital, Sketty (Swansea) early in the morning of April 6th., 1961.

Click on her image for a comprehensive illustrated biography.

Transcript # 2
The second transcript is by top copy and has carbon copy. Dated 12th April 1928.
No name is mentioned. Gender: Female.

It is believed that this is the horoscope for Babs (Wormald) Anstruther. Her father was the son of a Yorkshire father and Scottish Highlander mother. Her mother's family was Simms from Bath in Somerset.

Analysis (italic grey text) has been interwoven with the transcript in order to suggest evidence for this theory. Whilst it is always possible to "read in" detail, there are certain facts associated with her life which make it highly likely that she is the "native" of this reading. Her husband (his second marriage) was Douglas Anstruther, only son of Harry Anstruther and Dame Eva.

The horoscope was in her possession. The carbon copy has the initials E. M. A. written in pencil at the head of the document - indicating either that it is her horoscope or that the carbon copy was destined for her ownership. Her new-born daughter's horoscope had just been completed.

Scorpio rising, gives average height or over, hair thick and dark, inclined to curling; prominent brows, aquiline or jewish type of nose and profile, tendency to stoutness in middle life, some inclination to stooping shoulders.

Babs was born on 30th September 1901, her sun sign, Libra with Scorpio rising. The physical description is accurate.

Very decided character, very self-reliant, never vacillating - sometimes inclined to be vindictive, fault finding and uncompromising. This sign governs the generative system, and there seem to be two distinct types evolving within the sign. The one naughty, working mischief far and wide; the other self-conscious and able to reach great heights, with peculiar penetration, awakening vision, quickly sensing the possibilities that lie before the soul. Gifted with what is called second sight or clairvoyance.

Babs was certainly able to predict or judge certain outcomes - but probably more on the basis of her own life experience and a keen knowledge of people and their characteristics/behaviours than any stated reference to "clairvoyance".

Remarkable for keen judgment and can at once see the purpose or meaning of things. Very critical, but not for the sake of criticism and can be of great benefit to others through her magnetic powers.

See above - but also, she was noted as someone to whom younger generations made reference in times of uncertainty or confusion.

Scorpio people have a remarkable power of attachment, if they care for anyone they care very much.

Will have a dignified manner, and though very affable and courteous are ready at any moment to stand upon their dignity.


Great power of self-control, even to the power to controlling the sex nature, turning it into the highest spiritual developments. Wonderful vitality and great recuperative power.

The first statement was not a matter of any projected public persona; however, she worked in Family Planning and had very "modern" and open views in this field of human activity, working also to further the rights of wives and single mothers in the family context. She was unusually frank and approachable for one of her generation. The latter prediction was clearly observed within the family - sometimes aided by her favourite scotch ...

Some dramatic ability.

Could certainly be a Drama Queen.

Very much liked or very much disliked, no half-way measures.

The will is very strong and fights to the end; very executive, some destructive faculties, acute penetration of mind and a thirst for finding out the secret nature of things.

Would make a good detective. Very fertile imagination and resourceful nature, temper sometimes quick and petulant but will not bear malice for long.

Loves and hates keen and absorbing. Very direct spoken and fearless. Can keep her own counsel and is wary and watchful.

Very proud. The native is ambitious of honour and may attain high positions. Can express herself in fiery debates or wordy warfare - a taste for leadership.

Several aspects above would be valid and were observed by her "grand" generation but her daughter's generation may well have observed additional traits as being the product of a confident 35 - 55 year old living successfully through times of unrest and upheaval.

Monetary affairs of native are fraught with uncertainty. Early part of life rather difficult, owing to disagreements of parents and friction about her upbringing.

Mother not good for the native, Father more indifferent but friendly.

Second half of life is apt to be prosperous; some affairs in foreign lands, journeys because of these affairs. Native apt to gain through marriage relatives as well as directly by marriage.

Her parents lived apart during the latter years of their married life. Her father died in 1933 but her mother lived until 1953 and spent the latter part of her life living with Babs and her husband. Babs was the youngest child (by some years) and enjoyed freedoms unusual for one of her generation. She was both fond and proud of her father who was a prominent and prosperous businessman - socially aware as a philanthropist and also knighted for his wartime (1914-1918) service to the Government of the day. The conflict referred to may well have existed.
Babs had a degree of financial acumen and independence; her birth family and marriage family financial backgrounds were comfortable. She worried about her financial security - especially after the death of her husband in 1956 (she lived until 1981). In later life, her financial strength was often to be undermined by family "rescue" plans of one nature or another - not helped by the early death of her daughter, Jean, in 1961. Jean's work as a vet provided the main (secure) income for her family unit.
It is unclear whether "affairs" relates to matters of finance or of the heart; however, either would be true.

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Several sisters shewn, not more than one brother.

Babs had one brother only - and two sisters. Being the youngest child - a gap of some seven years - she formed a close relationship with her first cousin, Else Wormald, born in the same year, 1901.

Several children who will marry early; some secret trouble in regard to one.

Several - not so. There may, perhaps, have been miscarriages but, in the event, Babs and Douglas Anstruther had only one living child, Jean, who was almost 22 when she married. If Babs had other children - not beyond the realms of possibility, since she experienced the turmoil of a war-torn Britain with all its loss and tragedy - its "living for the moment" mentality - and was in her mid twenties by the time she married Douglas and ...

Many love affairs likely to enter into the native's life.

... since she had a close relationship during the latter stages of World War I. It is believed her lover died in the War or in the years following. However, she also went through life staying in touch with a man with whom - so she later confided - she had "always been in love". His identity is not known. It is possibly significant, however, that she chose to work in later life as a Family Planning counsellor.

Ailments are, affectations of the excretory system, diseases of the bladder and anus fevers. The right arm is in danger of being seriously hurt or lost, cuts and wounds shewn.

Babs enjoyed skating as a young woman and suffered an accident in which she seriously injured her arm - family memory does not recall left or right - but this event would have been known about in 1928 and so the reference may be treated with some caution. The arm was certainly scarred by cuts from skating blades but full use of the limb was not impaired. In later life Babs suffered from Diverticulosis.

Native may marry more than once. Partner is in danger of a long illness, accidents or hurts. Secret enemies shewn for him and especially rivals in love.

Long voyages are shewn, one connects some love affair, which is fortunate, might bring marriage. Several exploits on the high seas or in foreign lands may be expected.

Babs did not remarry after Douglas died in 1956. Douglas suffered from mental health problems over a period of several years; both he and his sister (see Transcript 3 below) were prone to deep depressions and also periods of manic activity - correspondence between them on this topic still exists. According to family documents, Douglas experienced a heavy and serious fall from his horse (Bart) in October 1935.Zabola - computer enhanced from original snap - 1930 Transylvania - how apt ... This was the same year in which his mother died and just three years after losing his eldest son (by his first marriage) as the result of a riding accident.
"Rivals in love" may be taken in more than one way, especially if both partners experienced extra-marital adventures. Babs and Douglas both travelled in Europe - together and separately over the years. Indeed, it seems that Babs had a "high old" time in Scandinavia one year - staying at the Hotel Angleterre, in Copenhagen and also travelling in Sweden.
In September/October of 1930 they could both be found on holiday - perhaps partially on business for Douglas - in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania. (Zabola district pictured adjacent).
Under heading of Palace Athenée Hotel, Bucharest, Babs notes: "At lunch, D. effectively "frugalling". Must be the 5th dimension - takes no account of space and time!! -" Under is written "NOTE - Alexand 2nd porter here very good looking & will do anything for one even to buying bottle of whiskey in the town. A true friend!"
They appear to have been accompanied by another mentioned only by the initials, J. L. H. Also mentioned is a Mr. Tjaarda - a name which seems to have Dutch connections; Babs and Douglas were associated with Holland through Bab's cousin, Else - who married Bill Grootenhuis. As a child, Jean Anstruther stayed with them in Holland and was a contemporary of their daughter, Wilma.
Babs is known to have sailed to Egypt in 1937 . This is believed to have been a 'recuperative' holiday. She also made a lengthy South Africa voyage in the late 1950s.

A series of difficulties in early life will eventually lead on to a good position, and success will at last crown the efforts of the native.

Some disappointments or loss of one beloved before the age of 35 indicated. Will have many friends and supporters among persons in high life or in artistic or dramatic world, and a love affair alters things for native; it may be for injury or advancement but a change is shewn.

It is not known what Bab's attitude was towards the children of Douglas' first marriage; however, the death of Douglas' eldest son at age 15 in 1932 would have happened before her 35th birthday - equally the loss of her father in 1933.
The mention of a love affair altering things for the native can be a double-edged sword. Babs is known to have taken an extreme dislike to one Ann Krabbé, who appears as a visitor and house guest in Hertfordshire (noted in the family Guest Book) from October 1944 onwards until January 1949 at the house in Tetbury ...

The Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius is a very good combination, although it makes personality rather reckless and over active. It intensifies the activity of the brain and increases the rapidity of the speech. Gives prophetic talents and ability for public speaking. It gives a rich well stored mind, imaginative and emotional and makes her a general favourite.

Bab's star sign was Libra. She was certainly approachable; and she could talk. Once accused of having 'verbal diarrhea' she responded thus: "Yes, darling; but at least I do not have mental constipation, which is obviously what you are suffering from at this precise moment."

Conduces to close association with Mother although this is not very good for native, it promises certain benefits to her.

Many changes of residence indicated, and some psychic experiences connected therewith, that is, haunted houses or something of that sort.

She was born in London whilst the family lived (1901) at 23 Kensington Court. Later, her father purchased (1912) "Springs" at North Stoke near Wallingford in Oxfordshire. Soon after her marriage (1925) she and Douglas took over (1926) Harry Anstruther's house in Whitchurch after his accidental death in that year. They moved to Redbourn in Hertfordshire where they remained for almost twenty years. The Anstruther Guest Book 1901 - 1952
They lived in Tetbury, Gloucestershire from 1948 - 1955 at which point the marriage was all but over. There was a London flat for a short time and then, after Douglas' death in 1956, Babs eventually moved to a mews house in Chelsea where she lived until 1981. She died peacefully at home in her bed in that year.
Several of the family houses that she lived in or visited would have been "atmospheric" though no anecdotes of paranormal encounters have survived. There is, however, a written record of Douglas and Babs renting a Dunmow house for three months - Spinney End - from June 1929, about which Douglas comments, in the Anstruther Guest Book:
"The house was unfriendly so we came away."
He also notes "Also a Plague of Bees; a Drought; a very Hot Summer."
They took possession of their new house, 'Greyfriars', at Redbourn in Hertfordshire on September 3rd 1929, Douglas making a note in the Guest Book, "It was Squirrel's (Jean's) birthday". She was then two years old.
There is one story of ghostly wailing that does remain and it came about thus:

Deep in North Hereford country, her daughter and son-in-law had left her looking after the children whilst they attended the annual Hunt Ball.

All was well. The children went to bed and were eventually asleep. Babs prepared for bed; a cold night in winter, she took her hot water bottle and filled it from the boiling kettle on the Aga in the kitchen. It was very comforting and she was looking forward to curling up with her book.

As she mounted the stairs, Wolf, the family German Shepherd, wagged his tail lazily across the parquet tiles from his vantage point in the hallway. He had the run of the farmhouse during the day but slept in the kitchen at night.

Jean and her husband returned home during the early hours of the morning having dined, danced and drunk their fill. They arrived quietly to be greeted enthusiastically by Wolf. He was an excellent guard dog; the kind that would let anyone into the house but the minute they tried to leave, unless they were accompanied by Jean or her husband - or he was encouraged to ignore them - he would bar the way and keep them there with a series of convincing growls until two-legged support arrived.

There must have been some noise when the revellers came home for it disturbed Babs from her sleep and, a little while later, the early morning cold prompted her to sally down to the kitchen to re-fill her hot water bottle - by which time, the sound of contented snoring permeated the whole house. She closed the kitchen door to keep in the heat.

Some two hours later, Jean was woken from a deep sleep by the sound of a ghostly wailing from downstairs. Apparently, Wolf had made an executive decision. His people were home and Babs was an intruder. Every time she moved towards the kitchen door, he growled and would not let her pass and so leave for the comfort of her bed again. The eerie cries that echoed through the cold light of dawn were live and real and very attributable.

Babs was discovered distressed but unharmed and cuddling a cold hot water bottle, having locked herself for safety in the adjacent pantry from where she had launched her frantic cries for help.

It is said that the air remained blue with static for days afterwards. From that day forward, Babs insisted on an electric blanket for her bed and never set foot in the kitchen again after the house was shut down for the night.

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Uranus in Sagittarius increases the imagination, often the religious sentiments and higher emotions. It favours dreams or visions, and inclines strongly toward travelling.

Saturn in Capricorn tends to lift up the native to give power, authority, mastery, independence, ambition, sometimes great selfishness, sometime loneliness. Its influence will be modified according to the native's sphere of life. If in the upper walk of life, it will be likely to make native self-centred and ambitious. She will love power and responsibility. If in the lower, bad tempered, easily roused to anger and lacking in self control.

Saturn in this sign has an interesting significance. Conception was in Aries (commencement of Spring) therefore, the sign Capricorn must stand for birth, and the ruler of the house of Capricorn is Saturn, and these signs produce strong, clearly-marked, well-defined individuality, with power over herself and over the world (?). * This is the reason why so many heroes have been symbolised as being born at the time of year signified by Capricorn. (Christmas time).

Jupiter in Capricorn makes the mind grave, more serious and less buoyant than most of Jupiter's positions. It is good for money or legacy from the Father and for the favour and assistance of superiors.

It gives some measure of power, popularity and success in public affairs. It gives inclination to travelling, and it may incline native to philosophy and learning, also to religion, although not orthodox.

Capability in money matters.

Mars in Scorpio is strong, and its influence is fortunate, the martial ** side of the native is rendered powerful and determined. There is executive power, a practical nature, ability to work and to accomplish much. There is a worldly matter-of-fact, materialistic tendency, a liability to some weakness of health in early life, some accident to an arm, a surgical operation. The position increases strength and vitality in adults even to old age, but the intensity of the martial influence may be too much during childhood.

During the Second World War Babs became an adept market gardener, administrator and business woman as well as hosting refugees and evacuees - both official and casual - at the family home in Hertfordshire. She was also involved in London - and it remained a matter of pride for her - with the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (now the Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps).

It favours legacies and gain of money from Father or marriage partner's relatives.

Venus in Libra strengthens the better part of the native, it softens the hard traits of some of the influences, and gives sympathy and kindliness of manner. It contributes to sociability and popularity, gives love of music or fine arts.

It is favourable for friendships, love and marriage.

Benefits from association with another, whether friend or marriage partner. Money from Father or marriage likely.

Mercury in Virgo makes intellect active and comprehensive; native learns easily, has a good memory and can turn studies to account in every day life. Native is practical and utilitarian; may have to travel for health at one time in life, and may have too many irons in the fire for her own good.

* the bracket question mark appears in the original text
** in the original, a reader has pencilled in a reversal mark to the adjacent letters "ti" (resolved in the latter part of the paragraph).

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Transcript # 3
The third transcript is by top copy and has carbon copy. Dated 17th April 1928.
No name is mentioned. Gender: Female.

The progressed ascendant is Sagittarius and this degree brings a more favouable vibration than has been. Native will take a philosophical view of life. She will probably take a long journey, or at least have some foreign travel.

An increased love of freedom and independence will be felt, a greater respect for true law and she will seek to know something of religious truths.

The Solar aspect to the Moon is weak and denotes little, but such as it is it is favourable. It brings some material gain or benefit, but is not very good for the health, or the health of someone in the household; not necessarly in the family circle, but a serious illness is shewn in the early part of this year which makes Native very concerned.

There is an advent of a new life under this influence, a quickening of the life forces. Some changes are denoted, but much depends upon Native's own mental attitude as to what will be derived.

The Solar aspect to Venus; the Native will come into contact with those to whom she will be drawn in sympathy and affection. She will enjoy the blissful feelings of gratified emotions; * she may either produce or have just brought into the world a child for her feelings are much centred about an infant. She will expand, have greater pleasure in the pursuit of happiness, all things tending to bring increased ability to live in the better and more hopeful and cheerful side of nature. The Native should make new friends and gain in many ways through others and through her own attitude toward others.

The position denotes marriage or child-birth very often.

The Solar aspect to Mercury is blank, to Mars very weak as it is not quite in aspect, either good or bad.

The Solar aspect to Jupiter is unfortunate and will bring some trying times, some serious illness of someone in the household, some disappointments, some legal difficulties. None of these things may be really connected with the Native, but she will be obliged to act or decide things. She may be disappointed about someone, may be disillusioned about something that will hurt.

Native should avoid excuses of every kind, and maintain as balanced a state of mind as possible during this period, even if she finds it a difficult task.

Solar aspect to Saturn is very weak, almost nil, but it might cause slight hindrances and delay progress.

Native should be careful of monetary affairs and guard against fraud; she must keep a tight hold of herself or she may be a victim of depression at this time, but it is all weak and uncertain.

There is no Solar aspect to Uranus, and that to Neptune is just coming into aspect; it is favourable, a musical or poetical faculty may be awakened and a pronounced tendency to mysticism, a refined sensuousness will be displayed. There should be some "good luck" at this period.

The Lunar positions now tend to awaken greater emotions connected with love affairs or children or pleasure generally. It gives desires for gambling or speculation. The Lunar aspect to the Sun is weak, but the Native should safeguard her health for it denotes a change in the system and care is needed while this lasts for there is a tendency to worry shewn, or Native will be upset by domestic or household matters.

There are few Lunar aspects, the one to Venus is not at all important. There might be a death in the family circle, but it may pass leaving little impression. The Native should be careful in all dealings with opposite sex at this time however.

The Lunar aspect to Uranus will produce a sudden and unforseen change in Native's affairs, either physically or mentally - her magnetic conditions will now be such as to cause some peculiar experiences. She will be romantic. She will be likely to form sudden attachments. The Native should beware of doing anything rash or hasty for this position causes a tendency to impulsive actions, and her disposition will undergo some change under this compunction, causing her to feel more than usually acute.

She may become more investigating, more intuitive and impressible. It is really a good time in many ways, for even if it brings some eerie effects, it is only to break up existing conditions that the Native may build anew.

The Lunar Neptune influence is very uncertain, it might produce depression or petty annoyances, or some unpleasant dealings with vulgar persons. This is nevertheless an aspect that may be taken advantage of for the reading of mystical and devotional books. To an every day person little is likely to result.Joyce Anstruther (Jan Struther)The Real Mrs. Miniver - by Ysenda Maxtone Graham

* Note

Pictured left is Joyce (Anstruther) Maxtone Graham (Dame Eva's daughter - better known as the poet and writer, Jan Struther, author of "Mrs. Miniver".). Joyce married Tony Maxtone Graham in 1923.

She gave birth to her second child, Janet Mary Maxtone Graham on March 24, 1928. It is very possible that this is Jan Struther's horoscope - which being the case, it is quite remarkable in its prophecies.

Click on the left hand image for a separate, in depth, "Mrs. Miniver" site zone. In that zone there is also access to details of the absorbing and sensitive biography written by Jan Struther's granddaughter, Ysenda Maxtone Graham. This book was nominated for the 2002 Whitbread Prize - and having read the story of her troubled yet triumphant life, the above horoscope will seem to reveal its secrets.

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