The Battle of Bashkai
Production Maps from
The Man Who Would Be King
Directed by John Huston
Battle Plan - drawing presented to Dick Drew-Smythe
for his work in location animal welfare and on the battle scenes in the film.
9/1/75 (100cm x 50cm approx)
Section from original
Autographed and inscribed by (inter alia)
John Huston, Gladys Hill, Michael Caine, Shakira Caine,
Sean Connery and Saeed Jaffrey
"To Dick - from a fellow campaigner - with great affection." - John Huston
"To Dick - with my friendship and admiration." - Gladys Hill
"To Dick with affection & gratitude. All the best." - Mike Caine
"To Dick - Best wishes." - Shakira
"Lovely to meet you Gurkha sahib - the friendship is for always." - Saeed Jaffrey
- and a final comment from Sean Connery -
"My dear Dick - as they used to say in my day, "You shouldn't have joined !" - All the best. - Sean

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