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Vic Vaughan 18/Aug/2002:22:08:30
Very nice A relative of the Drews way back in Wales via the Griffiths
Terry D. Smith   17/Aug/2002:21:10:50
Nice webpage. If you get around to publishing your information other than on the web, please let me know. There is a lot of interesting information that might be dovetailing with my information.
--- Terry
Jamie Maxtone-Graham   23/Jun/2002:22:28:36
dear relies, how are you all, there are 16 Maxtone-Graham's in this neck of the woods, cheerio from us all........
Shinjinee Sen   23/May/2002:07:24:35
Marvellous website, although I am still exploring it. I found it via a search on Google for Ian Anstruther, the writer, who has just inherited a baronetcy (actually two baronetcies) from a distant cousin. I belong to a newsgroup on the web:, where the death of Sir Ralph Anstruther (obit at the Times website) was mentioned, along with the succession of his distant cousin, described as a descendant of the Dukes of Argyll. I was trying to look up something more on this connection, and came across the reference to the late Jean Drew-Smythe. Absolutely fascinating.
Shirley Tallmadge   19/May/2002:13:05:02
Wonderful site, well done!
Grace   17/May/2002:18:11:27
I really enjoyed reading your poems,and essays particularly the one about Grandma it was very moving. Thankyou it was very inspiring.
Jamie Maxtone-Graham   06/Apr/2002:06:23:21
Hello cousins all! As it seems we are scattered across many countries on several continents, what better place to gather than here. A very interesting site with lots of facinating information. Well done!
If any are anywhere near Los Angeles, please contact me at the above e-mail address and let me know. Take care
Alan Tollemache   02/Apr/2002:20:41:44
Great site.
terence keeley   28/Mar/2002:21:41:42
hello, its me again, i must apologise, twas my day of birth anniversery on the 22nd of march im now the tender age of 16.yet again must commend you on the , excellent website!
Terence Keeley aged 16
(p.s. like the music)
terry keeley   12/Mar/2002:06:09:35
just visited the website and i must commend you on a job well done. as have had the privalage of working with jeremy james taylor i felt obliged to check out the site.
job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terry Keeley Aged 15
Jeff Meldrum 20/Feb/2002:01:06:10
I am a professor of anatomy -&- anthropology and am conducting a comprehensive review of the footprints attributed to the Yeti. I very much enjoyed reading Frank Smythe's narrative of the footprints he discovered in the Valley of Flowers, but was disapppointed that none of his photos of the tracks were reprinted. Might anyone have a notion of where the photos of the tracks and of the expedition for that matter now reside? Any assistance would be much appreciated.
My best,
Jeff Meldrum
Idaho State University
Anthony Davey 04/Jan/2002:01:10:07
Many thanks for all the Prust and Cloutman information. Paul Cloutman, my 1st cousin once removed, directed me to your site and I am both impressed with and jealous of all the information you have.

Contact me if you would like information about Emily Beatrice CLOUTMAN's
husband and his (my) ancestry.
Stewart Kington   13/Dec/2001:08:38:43
Enjoyed the Maxtone Graham family site. Note that Margaret Ethel Blair
Oliphant. b 1862, d. 1952 her full name was Margaret Ethel Kington
Blair Oliphant, part of the Kington family of Bristol.
Chris Richards   05/Dec/2001:12:12:54
Thanks for all the work that's gone into making this resource. My
Hertfordshire father-in-law, a former mule bearer/driver/leader(?) in
Burma, will be fascinated by the experiences there of Richard Drew-Smythe.
Marie Findlay   19/Nov/2001:16:44:34
I love to read everything I can of Jan Struther's and anything on Mrs
Mark Smythe   04/Nov/2001:16:50:33
The Site is looking great.
Peter Whiteside   27/Oct/2001:07:55:52
Congratulations on your achievements - a very interesting web site
which I shall explore in more detail when the operator has more time.
Looking forward to having further contact with you in the future.
Andrew 09/Oct/2001:21:46:43
This is a cool web site!
Michael Petter   23/Sep/2001:23:04:16
Good grief ! I was the original Salomon Pavey in the Belmont School
production ... I can't believe I found this web site ...... !

James Poole   30/Aug/2001:05:56:13
I was a Belmont School at the time of Salamon Pavey, and still have the
T-shirt :) I was cast in the play but a skiing broken leg meant I never
went. Dominic Eglinton took my place.
Bill Anstruther   16/Aug/2001:17:12:06
I greatly enjoyed your site - layout as well as content.
Teagan Davis   13/Aug/2001:00:47:30
Hello :) this is a great page keep up the good work! DHPS class of 1995.
Louis   17/Jun/2001:11:03:09
I just visited your website ... great job, congratulations!
Donald G B Howden   20/Apr/2001:10:39:26
Very nicely put together -- but extremely depressing.
Dianne DREW   05/Apr/2001:04:55:41
John Hartley   24/Mar/2001:23:02:37
Great to have found this page and you David. Lets hope that we can add
a bit more detail to the Wormald'
John Boon 19/Mar/2001:08:54:44
I would like to thank David Drew-Smythe for all the effort he has put
in to discovering the identity of the Lady Anstruther to whom my wife's
great-grandparents were Butler and Lady's Maid.
Sarah   10/Mar/2001:23:39:14
I really like the old fashioned pages about 1900 and before. This is
interesting for people like me who weren't around then!
Kevin Park   01/Mar/2001:09:47:49
Hi Cousins!!! I'm directly related to Mungo's brother Archibald.
Judie (Koehl) Shaw   Sun 21 Jan 2001 07:23:08 PM CST
Just searching for my family. We're from IN. Wanted to say "howdy" from another Koehl

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