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From Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1833)

The river Teivy, which runs on the east and north to its estuary below Cardigan, here winds in beautiful and majestic reaches through the vale to which it gives name, and which at every bend presents some fresh features of novel and picturesque beauty.

In sailing up the stream, in one part of its course, the hanging woods which clothe the sides of the environing hills recede from the margin of the stream, and leave room for a narrow strip of meadow land, whilst the beautifully varied scenery on the opposite bank is terminated by the august ruins of the castle, which crown the summit of a projecting rock rising precipitously from the brink of the river: on the opposite side, the noble woods which give name to the valuable estate and mansion of Coedmore, the seat of Thomas Lloyd, Esq., cover the sides and summit of the rock, partially disclosing at intervals impending masses, which contrast finely with the sylvan beauties of the scene.

Pursuing the course of the river, rich groves, alternating with the naked rock, continue to excite the admiration of the traveller, till he arrives within a short distance of Llêchrhyd bridge, where the vale expands on either side, marginally luxuriant meadows, from which the hills recede, beautifully varied with churches, seats, and cottages, embosomed in the foliage of successive plantations.

On this river is the Kîlgerran royal weir, which was purchased from the crown by Thomas Lloyd, Esq., of Coedmore. There are three mansions in the parish, namely, Glandovan, the seat of Abel Anthony Gower, Esq., of which family was the late Admiral Sir Erasmus Gower, who accompanied Earl Macartney in his embassy to China, and greatly distinguished himself in the naval service of his country; Castell Malgwyn, also the property of Mr. Gower ... and Rhôs y Gilwen, the elegant modern mansion of John Humphreys. Esq., who obtained this estate by marriage with Catherine, daughter of the late Thomas Colby, Esq., of Fynnonau, and erected the present house.