The Pity of War
Royal Army Medical Corps
An Ordinary Life - Ted Rawes' article on the life of  his father, Edward Rawes - Stretcher Bearer World War I Stretcher Bearer!
The World War 1 Memoirs of Richard Irving Dacre - R.A.M.C. Richard Irving Dacre Memoirs
The 1919 letters of HJDS to  his wife whilst serving in Bavaria on the International Commission for the Repatriation of Prisoners. Dearest Blue Eyes       Letter to Douglas Anstruther from a 2/5th Btn. soldier in France. Letter to D. Anstruther from a Soldier 1940
Remembrance Day 1927 1927 - A Reflection on Remembrance Day       26th Company Hertfordshire Home Guard - Redbourn 26th.Coy. Hertfordshire Home Guard
1940 - Letter from Douglas Anstruther to Jan Struther 1940 Letter - Douglas Anstruther to Jan Struther   WW2 Japanese Postcard Blanks
Captain R. D. S. Drew-Smythe 4/1st Gurkha Rifles 43 ARD Captain - Gurkha Sahib. Burma/India 1940s
Pictures of an unknown airman (R.A.F., Filton 1942) with fellow officers Unknown airman RAF Filton, 1942
The Family Vault The Family Vault
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