Col. H. J. Drew-Smythe
Post World War II
The Professor
The "Drew-Smythe" Catheter
- developed by HJDS -
Press Cutting, undated, believed to be from Bristol Evening Post.
The article also mentions Sgt. Major J. Reid and Cpl. H. Kay
B.R.I. - Bristol Royal Infirmary
- The Prof. at work -

Professor H. J. Drew-Smythe became a celebrated medical educator in Bristol and trained two generations of British and overseas doctors prior to his retirement in the 1960s. He was both adored and disliked - as often is the case with those who hold such power and knowledge - but was, by all accounts, respected by students and by colleagues alike. His achievements were acknowledged and yet, through a combined sense of diffidence and a moral difficulty with the concept of public awards, he turned down a major honour.
He specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and had consulting rooms in Pembroke Road, Clifton. Many Bristolians were 'grown and hatched' under his care, particularly at the Chesterfield Nursing Home where various members of his own extended family were born.
He was a keen cricketer, a Bristol Rovers fan, an avid gardener and a dedicated stamp collector. Additionally, he kept one of the most comprehensive collections of lead soldiers, representing a number of prominent regiments, dating back to the early 1800s.
He survived his wife, Enid, by twelve years and died peacefully in his bed in 1984 at Cheltenham, aged 93.