Genuine Apollo Space Suit - in 3D

These pictures are of a genuine Apollo space suit.
The suit was never flown into space, but it was used during training of the Apollo 16 crew. Although the suit is patched with "C. Duke", records show it was the one used during training by Fred Haise.

Fred Haise flew on the ill fated Apollo 13 flight. He was also the backup crewman for Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon). He was backup crew for the Apollo 8 flight - the first flight around the moon.

He was also a backup crewman for the flight of Charlie Duke in Apollo 16.




The full suit in a garden setting.




Thigh pocket.




The zipper toggles.




This is where the oxygen hoses from the PLSS etc. connect to the suit.




Embroidered flag patch on left shoulder.




The neck showing the inside label.




Sunglass pocket on right shoulder.




The suit patch and name.




Another aperture in the suit - note the hand-sewing.




The strap on the lower leg was used by the crewmember to grasp and pull on when attempting to push their foot into the boot while donning the suit. This was a bit of a struggle at times. It had the black zigzag thread sewn on the strap so that the crewmember could see it better when reaching for it. It would contrast against the white background of the suit material and make it easier to see. The checklist pockets have their own straps that wrapped around the leg. (Bill Ayrey,  ILC Dover historian .)



How to View the 3D Image

To view the 3D image, hold your finger 1/2 way between your eyes and the screen. Look at your finger, and visualise the 'third picture' forming in the middle of the two pictures. Try to focus on this middle image.


The pictures were taken in variable outdoor light under cloud with no flash.
SLR camera with macro lens using 35mm 200 ASA print film.



Please visit David Sander's website to learn more about his project to produce a
replica Apollo space suit,

and see the progress of his digital video recreation of the 1952 Colliers Magazine article
"Man Conquers Space".


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