3D Images Mercury MR-2 Spacecraft

This is the genuine Mercury spacecraft which was used to fly Ham the chimpaze in a sub-orbital flight on Jan 31, 1961 prior to the flight of Al Shepard, first American in space.

These stereo pairs were taken by Jacques Edwin van Oene
at the Los Angeles Aerospace museum. The originals are on his site at:


Also see the Apollo 11 space-suits in 3D.



This shows the underside of the spacecraft. The cloth balloon is an airbag which was housed under the heatshield which has been jettisoned.
The air-bag helped to break the jolt of the landing into the ocean.


To view the 3D image, hold your finger 1/2 way between your eyes and the screen. Look at your finger, and visualise the 'third picture' forming in the middle of the two pictures. Try to focus on this middle image.

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