- by Peter




Homework Assignment Week 1

For this week's homework task, complete these practice exercises:
  1. Construct an argument, consisting of two premises which are incontestably true and worthy of your classmate's belief, and a logical conclusion that follows these premises.

  2. Construct an argument, consisting of two premises, where one or both rely on hidden premises, as explained in this lesson, and a conclusion which follows the premises.

  3. Reconstruct the argument in Exercise #2 and fill in the blanks, replacing the hidden premises with credible facts, so that the conclusion follows premises.

My Answers:

    • All computers require electricity to operate.
    • My house has a computer which operates.
    • My house has electricity available.

    • All houses have a roof.
    • Rooves need walls to hold them up.
    • All houses have walls.

    • All houses which are completed, and have subsequently not been damaged and have been accepted by building codes in Australia for human housing, have a roof.
    • Rooves need walls to hold them up; although they could be held up by columns or open framework, the accepted support for a house roof is a wall as this seals the interior from the weather making the house habitable in all weather conditions.
    • All completed and undamaged houses which are habitable in all weather conditions have walls.