3D Images of Apollo 11 Suits

These are the genuine space suits which were worn on the moon. When the suits were used, there was a large backpack containing the portable life-support equipment. The backpacks were left on the moon to save weight for the journey back to earth.

These stereo pairs were taken from Ken Glover's
NASM visit photos. The originals are on his site at:


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This is a photograph of the genuine suit worn by Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 moon-walk. The photograph is from the display at NASM in USA.  



This is another of Ken Glover's unintentionally stereo images from NASM. It is of Armstrong's Apollo 11 suit.


To view the 3D image, hold your finger 1/2 way between your eyes and the screen. Look at your finger, and visualise the 'third picture' forming in the middle of the two pictures. Try to focus on this middle image.

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