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Welcome to my homepage. I have a collection of space related info and images.
I am interested in 3D photography, so some of the images here are stereo pairs.

-- Peter Smith

Link to Spacesuit page
My 3D pictures of a genuine Apollo spacesuit.

Link to Aldrin 3D page
3D images of spacecraft and space-suits.

Link to Jim Oberg articles
Exclusive hosting
of two articles by James Oberg analysing
the reported UFO sightings by
highly qualified pilots and astronauts.
What did they really see?

Link to space.history articles
Recollections from the Apollo era posted to newsgroup.

Link to Bill Orr
Visit Jupiter through the poetry of William Orr.

Link to 'Other Stuff'
An expanding collection of things
I have found interesting...

Link to my Links page
My links to sites I visit.

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