Genuine Apollo Space Suit - in 3D

These pictures are of a genuine Apollo space suit.
The suit was never flown into space, but it was used during training of the Apollo 16 crew. Although the suit is patched with "C. Duke", records show it was the one used during training by Fred Haise a backup crewman.

Click Below for 3D Close-ups:

(1) Full Suit

(2) Thigh Pocket

(3) Zipper Toggles

(4) Connector Panel

(5) Sleeve

(6) Sleeve Flag

(7) Neck

(8) Sunglass Pocket

(9) Name & Patch

(10) Side Aperture

(11) Pull-up Strap


Thanks to David Sander who allowed this humble space enthusiast to handle and photograph this genuine article from the American Space Program. I have taken the photographs as 3D pairs to give viewers a better sense of realism.

David had the suit on loan from its present owner in the UK to allow him to take detailed measurements in his project to reproduce as acurately as possible a space suit from the period.

Please visit David Sander's website to learn more about his project to produce a
replica Apollo space suit,

and see the progress of his digital video recreation of the 1952 Colliers Magazine article
"Man Conquers Space".


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