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- by Peter

At last - the oldest game for two (on pen and paper) in a computer version.

Don't ya hate those computer games that always beat you? I've tried chess, backgammon, othello, and such, but generally they just lead to me being ground into the dust and totally demoralised. Even Solitare can get a bit frustrating when you don't win for several deals!

Well, worry no more!

Now you can play against the computer - and WIN!

Here is the NEWEST computer game that everybody knows how to play, and you can even beat the computer most of the time! (if not ALL the time) ... and isn't that how computers SHOULD behave ??

This game is great to play when you have a spare half a minute. Maybe while you're waiting for an important call from a charity canvasser, or maybe waiting for the adverts to finish so you can see the next bit of the Seinfeld re-run ... the possibilities are endless!

For that extra challenge, let the computer go first, and see if you can handle the pressure.

You can download the Zipped version right here - just at the bottom of this page. The un-zipped version is 390k or 17k as a zip-file (Crikey that's GOOD compression!).


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As with many things in life, too much of a good thing can have unexpected consequences...

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So, are YOU ready for the challenge?? Go directly to the download site:

Click here to   -DOWNLOAD-   the latest version of TicTac95©.  (17k - zipped file)


Please enjoy - after all it IS free!

Oh, and don't forget to send this address to your friends -  TicTac95©  is a nice cyber-gift!


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