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TicTac95's© Download Page.

No need to even go out of the house - or allow damaging UV radiation into your wallet.

You can download TicTac95 right here off the net :)

Points to note:

- TicTac95 only works on Windows95. I had to promise Bill Gates that I wouldn't produce any other versions, because he knows that with the release of TicTac95©, sales of Win95 will just skyrocket.

- TicTac95 is downloaded to you as a 'Zip' file. You will need WinZip to convert it to its original size so you can run the game.

- Why not just make the un-zipped file available for download?  Well, the unzipped file is 390k, the zipped file is 17k ... in the long run that's a whole lot of internet bandwidth we're saving - and lets face it don't we all want to do our best for the ozone layer ??

Download the latest 4-June-1998 version of:  (17k - zipped file)

When you have TicTac95, see the latest uses for TicTac95 at: TicTac95 Uses

If you have any questions or comments, see the TicTac95 Therapy page.



Generally TicTac95 is easy to download and run. But if you have trouble getting TicTac95 to work, keep reading...

'Life wasn't meant to be easy.' - Malcolm Frazer (Ex. Aussie PM)

The file won't unzip!

  • Make sure you have the latest WinZip... but this shouldn't matter too much.
  • Maybe the file downloaded badly. Delete it and repeat the download again.

But where do you get WinZip??

  • If you don't have WinZip, you can download it off the net.
  • Click here to go to and download a copy of WinZip.

ERROR - Cant find file vb40032.dll

  • If you run TicTac95 and get this error, you need to update your Windows/system files.
  • vb40032.dll is a file used by your computer to run a lot of the latest software, so it may be already in your computer. Installation of Win95-only software would have updated your system already. If you don't have it, you can download it off the www here. vb40032.dll is a 705k file. The download version is about a 565k zip-file.
  • Click here to go to the download site if you need vb40032.dll. You can download a 565k zipped file.
  • Unzip vb40032.dll and put it into your  \windows\system  folder.


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