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  2. - Yes all e-mail will be answered here !

  3. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, I'm hooked on TicTac95. It changed my life with its fresh clean smell and sparkling effervescence. Its so refreshing and the women just dig it! Am I OK? - From Ken (USA)
  4. - Dear Ken, Don't worry. You are quite normal to be having these feelings.

  5. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, You have produced an incredible piece of software. Move over VisiCalc, TicTac95 is the next killer-app! - Rick (USA)
  6. -Dear Rick, I think you just quoted the 'PC User' review.

  7. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, I-cant-believe-its-not-Microsoft ! - From MadMike (Australia)
  8. - Dear MadMike, Get with it !

  9. Darlink TicTac95 Terapisk, You vill hurry vit release of local wersion of TyicTyac95ski as my papushka Boris is getting desperate for such a game like zat. - From "N" (Uzbekistan - on assignment)
  10. - Dear "N", Negotiations continue at the highest levels. 'I can make no comment at this time.' Perhaps the present version would help Boris with his English studies.

  11. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, Could you do us a favor? Please don't supply any more copies of TicTac95 to the MIR flight crew. You saw what happened last time... - From E. (Buzz) Aldrin (NASA Ground Control)
  12. - Dear Mr Aldrin, Point taken.

  13. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, I have just recently completed a 12 step program to help me with my "Hangman" addiction. I stand proudly now and can say I have not had a game of Hangman in 14 months. My question is, can I play TicTac95 without fear of addiction? I would not want to go through that kinda hell again. Have studies been done in this area?? - From Flynt the survivor (Canada)
  14. - Dear Flynt, Although TicTac95 has been certified by the FDA as being safe for the general public in normal usage, I cannot recommend continuous gameplay beyond the 8-hour limit we have been given. Beyond this, you are entering uncharted territory, and we would be glad to have your full report on the effects.

  15. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, Last night my mother caught me playing TicTac95 in my bedroom. She said that I could go blind. Now I am worried. - From Bjorn (Norway)
  16. - Dear Bjorn, We have conducted many research studies on the effects of TicTac95, and I can honestly report that there have been no recorded cases of blindness. If your mother is concerned, I can suggest a 'do not disturb' sign for your door.

  17. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, When I play TicTac95 under the shower, the screen fogs up. Has anybody solved this problem? - From Betty (Canada)
  18. - Dear Betty, Although TicTac95 is the new sensation for all occasions, there are limits. Leave your gameplay until you are dry. Electrocution can be painful.

  19. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, I am so annoyed with you people. TicTac95 was going to be the new Win98 game accessory. If you don't get your site off the net immediately, I will be sending my people to speak to your people. - W.Gates (USA)
  20. - Dear Mr Gates, Nyah nyah 'n nyah nyah.

  21. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, My boss doesn't like me playing any other game except Solitaire. On the next release, could you have an emergency button that brings up a fake Solitaire screen? - Dave (USA)
  22. - Dear Dave, I recommend that you install TicTac95 on your boss's computer - you will have no further trouble.

  23. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, Oooooooo, the colours........like, wow, man...they keep coming at me!!! - From Flower Child (Canada)
  24. - Dear Flower Child, Just for the next week or so, you should try not to use TicTac95 when you're listening to Momma Cass records...

  25. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, I am having difficulty. Every time I play, there is a DOH! message on the screen. I was even thinking of calling the game TicTacDoh! How can I improve my gameplay? - Holly (USA)
  26. - Dear Holly, This is the normal game response when YOU win! - Maybe you are a better player than you think.

  27. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, Seriously, what is the point? - From Larkin (Denmark)
  28. - Dear Larkin, Keep playing TicTac95 - eventually you WILL receive enlightenment.

  29. Dear TicTac95 Therapist, I have enjoyed the program very much, and so have my family. I have also passed the URL on to friends, so they are also enjoying it. You are most talented etc, etc- From Gay (USA)
  30. - Dear Gay, Thank you very much for those flattering comments. The $20 is in the mail.

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