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When do YOU use TicTac95© ?


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  3. It gave me an alibi... - From Madame X (Canada)

  5. I use TicTac95 while on hold with suicide prevention. - From Jim (Brigantine, NJ USA)

  7. TicTac95 is great to fill in time in the shower - I play between lathering and rinsing. - From Betty (Canada)

  9. I only use TicTac95 while my VB5 programs compile. - From Rick (USA)

  11. When I am chatting online, I play several games of TicTac95 between my contact's keystrokes. - From Gay (USA)

  13. I use TicTac95 when I'm telling the kids about sex - no need for eye contact. - From Holly (USA)

  15. I play TicTac95 while I'm trying to come up with new excuses why Hubby should change the next poopy nappy! - From Shari (Canada)

  17. I play TicTac95 whenever I watch Seinfeld: show about nothing / game about nothing. - From Holly (USA)

  19. Perfect to use while interviewing boring applicants. - From Lee (HongKong)

  21. I use TicTac95 while listening to gift-requests. - From Father Christmas (North Pole)


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