Strictly Linedance

Sydney, Australia


Everybodyís Got Someone But Me

Staying In Love

I Keep Coming Back

Share The Carrot

Kiss A Girl

Love Letter Waltz† -† Backtrack

My Last Time

Slamming Doors

Always Be Your Girl

What Was I Thinking† -† Backtrack

Got A Feeling

Breathless Moments† - Backtrack

In The Deep† -† Backtrack


Break Free† -† Backtrack

Falling Down† -† Backtrack

We Canít Unmake Love

Over The Hill† -† Backtrack

Sorrento† -† Backtrack

Cha Cha Lengua† -† Backtrack

Amazing† -† Backtrack


Sweet Dreams† -† Backtrack

Playing With Fire

Alive† -† Backtrack

All These Years

Heart In My Hand

Donít Look Back

Yesterdayís Whiskey

Part Of The List

Just Imagine

Champagne On Ice† -† Backtrack

We Got Tonight† -† Backtrack

The Fighter

From This Moment†† -† Backtrack

Letís Go Girls† -† Golden Oldie

Come Tomorrow† -† Golden Oldie

Bye Bye† -† Golden Oldie

Sway† -† Golden Oldie

Bellas Cha Cha† -† Golden Oldie

Pick A Pocket† -† Golden Oldie

Midnight Waltz† -† Golden Oldie

SK Shuffle† -† Golden Oldie

Gypsy Lady† -† Golden Oldie

For The Money† -† Backtrack

Titanic† -† Golden Oldie

Solo Two Step† -† Golden Oldie

Home† -† Backtrack†††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††

From The Ground Up

Over You (Getting Over Me)


Without You (Latin) - Adrian Lefabour

Your Man† -† Backtack

A Womanís Love

After The Storm

Backroads† -† Backtrack

Infinite Love

Take The Feeling

Black And White

Foolish Waltz



Quando When Quando

Rock And Roll Music

No Pressure


State Lines

Room To Breathe


Hooked† (Backtrack)

Neverland Is Home

All I ask You

Wine After Whiskey

Break On Me

High On Loving You

Tomorrow† ( Backtrack)

Losing Me (Backtack)

Share The Blame (Backtrack)†††††††††††


Bring Down The House

Shall We Dance (Backtrack)


When Silence Speaks










Strictly Linedance