Strictly Linedance

Sydney, Australia


Everybodyís Got Someone But Me

Staying In Love

I Keep Coming Back

Share The Carrot

Kiss A Girl

Love Letter Waltz† -† Backtrack

My Last Time

Slamming Doors

Always Be Your Girl

What Was I Thinking† -† Backtrack

Got A Feeling

Breathless Moments† - Backtrack

In The Deep† -† Backtrack


Break Free† -† Backtrack

Falling Down† -† Backtrack

We Canít Unmake Love

Over The Hill† -† Backtrack

Sorrento† -† Backtrack

Cha Cha Lengua† -† Backtrack

Amazing† -† Backtrack


Sweet Dreams† -† Backtrack

Playing With Fire

Alive† -† Backtrack

All These Years

Heart In My Hand

Donít Look Back

Yesterdayís Whiskey

Part Of The List

Just Imagine

Champagne On Ice† -† Backtrack

We Got Tonight† -† Backtrack

The Fighter

From This Moment†† -† Backtrack

Letís Go Girls† -† Golden Oldie

Come Tomorrow† -† Golden Oldie

Bye Bye† -† Golden Oldie

Sway† -† Golden Oldie

Bellas Cha Cha† -† Golden Oldie

Pick A Pocket† -† Golden Oldie

Midnight Waltz† -† Golden Oldie

SK Shuffle† -† Golden Oldie

Gypsy Lady† -† Golden Oldie

For The Money† -† Backtrack

Titanic† -† Golden Oldie

Solo Two Step† -† Golden Oldie

Home† -† Backtrack†††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††

Strictly Linedance