During World War I over 2000 men and women voluntarily enlisted for military service from the Illawarra region. To investigate the experiences of these volunteers, and to compare the response to the war by the Illawarra community with that of Australia as a whole, I am attempting to identify all of the individuals who enlisted.

For inclusion an individual must have an identifiable link to the Illawarra region. They would have lived in the region at the time of their enlistment, or had close family ties to the region, or are listed on a war memorial in the Illawarra region. The geographical definition of the Illawarra region for the purposes of this study being all localities from Gerringong to Helensburgh inclusive, and west to the escarpment.

A list of the volunteers identified so far is linked below. If you know anything about any of these volunteers, or any people who are not listed, I would love to hear from you. If you would like further information on any specific person, please contact me. The amount of information varies from just a name to a comprehensive biography.

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The Volunteers

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